Personal opinions about trading

Hello Everyone,

Out of personal curiosity, I would like to ask a few questions, if you are willing to share your thoughts:

  1. why do you do trading?
  2. do you participate in the shareholder meetings for the stocks you buy?
  3. is there a valuable lesson you have learnt or have any regret, while trading?

For me, the answers would be:

  1. both for money (hopefully the value of the company will rise) and because of the idea of owning a part of a business
  2. I recently joined the trading activities so was not part of any meeting but listened/read some of these to see what they previously discussed and voted for. I will message the Investors Relations department and see how can one get involved in the meetings (when something is subjected to a vote for the type of shares that I own)
  3. hmm, being into this for one month, I think I regret some lost time and see it as a dangerous thing mainly for my mental health :slight_smile: “the fear of missing out” is sometimes taking over instead of just being more attentive to my money.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi there.

(1) I don’t really trade. I mainly invest. Like you, I like the idea of owning part of a business. But mainly, I’m sick of seeing my cash in bank rising below inflation (and rates keep going down making it worse!) So I’m not looking to beat the market so much as beat inflation. That feels doable to me with investing.

(2) I don’t. I tend to read the news stories and reports of shareholder meetings of the companies I’m in or following (I own some BRK.B so that’s a good laugh if nothing else) but I’m not far enough into any company to go to their meetings.

(3) Too many to list!! Quite a few are to do with my own personal preferences, though. One of the best ones is to take my time scoping things out first. The more research I put in, the more confident I am if the market moves against me. When I’ve been impulsive or followed a pick from elsewhere, I’ve found it harder to hang on when the price has dropped.

Was that the kind of thing you were asking about?

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Thank you very much for your input! Yes, whatever you felt like sharing publicly as answers for those questions was welcomed.
Good luck beating the inflation (and more :slight_smile: ) !

You’re very welcome. And good luck with your projects, too.

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