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Hi guys,

I am currently using the Value Line Investment Survey issues which are a great thing also suggested by Peter Lynch in his book, however it is only for the US market and some Canada stocks.

I would like to search the % of institutional ownership of European stocks in general not just UK (Germany, Austria, Netherland and UK as well).

Does anyone know a reliable page where to look at these figures?

Thank you.

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Have you tried Their information is pretty complete. Otherwise They have pretty much the whole world covered. Some smaller companies not enough data.


This place will tell you who those institutions are and how much they hold.

I think they’re going to have free and paid access. That’s also a referral link from me but I have no idea if I benefit from someone else signing up.


Thank you I will check it out

Thank you so much I actually use Yahoo Finance app but never noticed this feature, just discovered a lot of other data thanks to this. Thank you!

You can see the big institution holdings and insider buying/selling also on (one of the best portofolio tracker imho).


Simply wall street will tell you.

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Sign up is free, is the service also free? Paywalls?

Looks like a decent app

As I understood you can only see 5 companies a month for free?

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This is made for rhe US market.

There is the free version and the paid one.
The free limitations are:

  1. You can only have 2 portofolios with 10 stocks each, but unlimited stocks in the whatchlist.
  2. With the paid version ($50 /month) you can do some ninja stuffs to the SEC fillings and the financials.

@Fabrizio82RC Fabrizio82RC Have you tried marketbeat “institutional-ownership” (link as below). This is also what I am currently using. It is free of charge.

An example of A European stock ABB. ltd and information they provide.

Another example

But if you need the most detail/sophisticated one including tracking which stock and how much an institution buy / sell daily then lucidtracking is probably the best. But it is hiding behind the paywall

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Thank you so much , this looks great! I don’t mind if institutions are buying but just how much in % they currently hold, so I will go for Matketbeat.

StockMaster is my favourite app that I use on a daily basis.

It has a lot of info contained with it, and allows watch lists etc. The portfolio tracker is frustrating, unless your currency is in dollars.

The charts and indicators are also really informative.

The app itself is free, and there is a premium version where can back test indicators, and scan etc.

Give it a bash!


Thank you so much will have a look at it over the weekend!

No problem! Let me know how you get on with.

Just a small warning, it can be a bit tricky to work your way around it so give me a shout if you struggle.

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I used to like Wallmine but then they stopped showing every other market except the US and push Facebook in your notifications way too often, plus they get the Dividends wrong for both the US (doesn’t do withholding Tax calculations) and UK (it muliplies the Dividend by 100 in the Pie).

Sadly being Free makes it prone to losing features and having incorrect market prices.

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