Instrument history to be tabbed akin to account history

When you select an instrument/stock history, it shows all orders, transactions and dividend payouts in one scrollable list.

Is it possible to update to have each instrument history similar to personal account history and have the items tabbed?

ie: All, Orders, Transactions, Dividends



Wonder what “Transactions” would be :thinking:


That was just a pull from the default account settings. I appreciate you making me see my error, however I still believe categorising the separate items as well as having an ‘all’ scroll through would benefit many users.

Was just messing with ya. Idea’s nice, some kind of filtering ability is missing there.
Would make a lot of UI sense to get a very similar layout/feature between account history and position history.

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That’s an interesting suggestion, @notfissile. I’ve passed it on for review and will let you know if there’s any development in that area.

It’d be a nice QOL item, especially when hunting solely for dividend payments in an instrument. Not such an issue early on in my investing journey. Put a few years in…may be messy without this suggested feature or similar

Any movement on this suggestion as yet?

Especially now I have realised a bug when trying to scroll back on instrument history passed a year, or actually 18months. It doesn’t let me scroll to the beginning of first ever transaction if prior to 18/24 months. The scrolling keeps bouncing me back up. Very frustrating.

Just to reiterate, have individual instrument history akin to profile/account history.

But maybe with


We’re aware of that bug and working on fixing it.

You can find transaction and dividend information for a specific instrument by going to its page and scrolling down to the “History” section located at the bottom.

I was again Suggesting that the individual instruments history section be coded to have the separate tabbed system similar as general profile history. For ease of finding said bought, sold, dividend transactions rather than scrolling through all of them

Please make it easier for users to find dividends for a single stock. The endless scrolling, coupled with the current bug is pain.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll update you as soon as the bug is fixed.

Also, I’ll let you know if there is any news for adding individual stock sections in the “History”.

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