Instrument temporarily disabled?

Hi there,

I have a CFD account and have multiple positions in the ticker $CODX. I’m trying to realise my gains in PM as it’s up a considerable amount. However, I note that the chart hasn’t updated with current price, and trying to trade results in a message, “Instrument temporarily disabled”.

I’ve e-mailed support and tried the phone number to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

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@robsimm Trading is automatically suspended if there’s no quote for an X period of time, depending on the instrument of course since some are more liquid than others.

Thanks very much for the prompt reply. This specific ticker in question has volume in both AH and PM and has never been suspended with volume lower to current levels. Any specific reason? When does your system re-evaluate the suspension? I.E., does it automatically un-suspend when more quotes are published, or is there a specific time per suspension?

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@robsimm The moment a quote comes in, the suspension is automatically lifted.

Great - in the interest of transparency, are these quotes sourced by yourselves, or from another exchange/party? It seems odd that the symbol itself is actively trading on other platforms (CFDs) and not Trading 212?

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@robsimm Our data feed provider sources the quotes from the exchanges themselves - NYSE, NASDAQ, etc…

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Thanks again for the prompt reply. Last question (promise!) - regarding the ‘quote’ for CFD, I guess this is purely down to the following factors?

  • Bid/Ask
  • Volume
  • Anything else?

The Bid/Ask seems to have enough spread between them currently, and the volume is currently 1M+ in pre-market trading.

Am I missing anything here? It seems somewhat coincidental that trading is now temporarily suspended (due to no quotes) now that this ticker is trading upwards by a large amount.

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@robsimm Sorry, the reason for this was completely different, It’s fixed now.

Are you kidding me? It took myself to open this community thread to get you to open this stock? My pending sell orders could have executed in pre-market trading at a much higher rate!

What recourse are you going to offer traders for this error, on trading 212’s part?

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Please, DM your account’s email address.

Hi David, I have also been having issues with this Symbol this morning and missed selling at a higher rate of 11.80 at least.

David can you please look at my account as i had the same issue as robsimm. I had to sell when your system came back online a lot lower price than the pre market price of 11.80