CODX taken off the halt but trading212 is still stuck on halt

As the title suggests.

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How do you see if it’s halted? I’m trading in the dark since the chart stopped updating

yeah not moved checked else where and its climbing again 212 is stuck somehow

It’s falling heavy right now. Want to look for a long but not moved on 212.


Now I don’t know if my order actually went through or not, worried about cancelling it

was gonna make an order but trading212 seems dead …

@seabream It’s running now.

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yes, thanks for the fix

My position was closed automatically because of this. How did my order go through?

@mur Your order went through at :25, right before the trading was halted.

The chart stopped showing the actual price though, and the entry date is after the halt time so I don’t think it should have been placed.

Wow, CODX was brutal, dodged the bullet there.
Purchased some and sold for tiny profit, didn’t like the move. But exiting was pure luck.
I don’t usually place stops, but even stops would not have helped in this case.


I saw this being hyped too much on Twitter, never a good sign. :joy:

I saw the premarket and was like :grimacing:

What was behind the drama?

Today’s antics are going to attract both the FBI and SEC. Wouldn’t surprise me to see it delisted. No PR tomorrow as they are out of moves.

The CC held by this company was a fiasco, and don’t try to say it was hacked. They failed to mute those who called in to listen.

And now yesterday after hours

Pump and dumps are quite common at the end of bull Market, if we are seeing these now would mean!!!

I can see this happening with $SNCA today.

Trade safe.

So what does PR and CC mean?

Why is this criminal? What exactly caused this spike?

And finally, why was it halted?