Intel dividend incorrectly states $0.28 per share

On 1 Dec 2020 Intel paid a quarterly dividend of $0.33 per share:

T212 lists this as a $0.28 per share dividend though. However, the total amount paid into my account seems to be correct (i.e. the real $0.33 per share was paid and 15% dividend tax taken etc.)

Just wondering if anyone else was given the wrong data ($0.28 per share) and why this might be?

the amount from the notification is the net amount (so as you said 85% of $0.33). I think everything would be much easier if they listed the withholding separately (i.e. $0.33 was distributed, 15% withholding applied so $0.05 withheld, net amount $0.28).

The message isn’t incorrect as $0.28 is the dividend paid. The 0.05 is withheld upon distribution so only 0.28 ever enters your account through T212 (not 33 cents enters and 5 cents send back).


Thanks! Makes perfect sense!