Interest on free funds

Hello T212 community,

Would like to know if applying interest on free funds would be possible on Invest account as other brokerage firms do.

Thank you.

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Can you name examples of other firms? In my experience most discount brokerage firms do not pay interest on free funds. Those few that do pay something tiny, like 0.05%. Probably you will find that those who pay interest are not competitive with Trading 212 in many other ways. Do any of these also offer fully commission free dealing as Trading 212 do? From tax efficiency point of view, I prefer to receive less expensive investment services rather than interest that is taxable.

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I am not sure if you are aware, but half od EU is in negative interest rates.

I think majority of people who are investors would like t212 to invest that capital in new features or human resources rather then getting this meager 0.05-0.1% rates…


the brokerage firms you are thinking of offer cash accounts which T212 does not. that is why balance left un-invested does not see any interest.

Thanks everyone for reply.
Yes, I agree that the interest normally is very tiny and thus not so important. I just wanted to know community’s opinion on that. I am very happy with T212 zero commission policy which is way more beneficial than the small interest on normally small uninvested funds (as most of the funds are invested most of the time).