Other brokerage firms

Do people have accounts with other brokerage firms? Any 0% commission ones you’d recommend? I’ve got T212 and I was wondering if I should perhaps have others? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

Thank you @imichael2006, I must add that I’m in the UK so should be ones accessible to people in the UK.

Personally yes, i also use the Freetrade General Investment Account.

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I have a US citizen friend living in UK and who wants to invest in US shares. He cannot use Trading 212 as he is US person. He has USD in a Revolut account. Would that be a good option for him to buy a few shares. Or does Revolut also ban US persons from shared dealing?

Here’s what’s on their website.

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I would recommend to him looking at WeBull. I’m UK and use it for the US L2 data.

To actually trade you need a social security number. The charting and data blows T212 out the water.


Thank you for that. It is helpful. And the recommendation of Webull @phildawson

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Any thoughts on eToro anyone? Good to use?

Here’s just a tiny portion showing what T212 needs to do.

As well as L2, after hours / pre trading and a working vwap :roll_eyes: it has…

You can click on the arrow sections too. Say I want more detail on what tutes are onboard.

Or what ETFs it features in

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It sounds like a great idea Phil, however it probably also should have an option to de-activate it or hide it for certain users. I imagine that quite a few people won’t want to see that much info :smiley: .
For example, people auto-investing mainly in ETFs using pies.

You can customise a lot of it. Also the extra data are under their own tabs so you can delve in or ignore.

If you fold the stats up, turn the chart to line, and remove the second graphic. Make the chart taller. Etc

The biggest thing I like is the constant charts so regardless of what stock it’ll have the chart setup exactly how I want it.

On the T212 I’m wasting a minute setting up EMAs, adding RSI. Every. Single. Time. It really needs the same template system as the desktop at the least.

I would also like to change the main chart so I’m not having to rotate the phone or fullscreen to see candles.

I want the auto highest and lowest stats. I want earnings plotted.

I want trade volume not tick.

I want the write a note feature.

I want the fancy alerts

I’ll try and takes some deep breaths now after that Veruca Salt outburst.

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I changed from eToro to here because it was a very unstable platform. Very high spreads, spreads and leverage get changed frequently on high volatile stocks. only supports USD as currency.

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@hsteidel71 thanks for your reply. I’m not thinking of switching from T212, just wondering if I need to have another broker as at the moment everything I have is on T212 and I’m beginning to question whether that’s a good idea so I’m basically looking at other brokers out there.

If you are a US citizen you would use M1 Finance right?

US citizens living in the UK are in a particularly difficult spot. Can’t use Trading 212, Freetrade or Revolut because of being US citizen. Can’t use M1 or Robinhood because don’t have US address.

Could use Hargreaves Lansdown, but fx fees huge. Webull doable, but needs wire transfer to a US bank with details for “further credit to” that cannot be entered in the Revolut app.

My friend has his USD sitting in a UK Revolut account. He is dual UK citizen. But its the US citizenship that makes things hard.

Any ideas?

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Interactive brokers directly for example

TransferWise offers real US bank account details, he could try with that.

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Webull says the wire for funds deposit must contain the following information. But I see no place in Revolut or Transferwise to input the final FFC information (For Further Credit to)

Fees are not zero

Deposit via International Wire $12.5

Withdrawal via International Wire $45

I think the easiest thing for him may be to open a Trading 212 account in his spouse’s name (who is not a US citizen)

Sorry … this have been a bit of a distraction from Trading 212 related matters.