Fees: Petition to Remove fees on Deposits (0.7%)

Can the fees of 0.7% be removed from the credit and debit card deposit method? This is quite discouraging especially if someone were to fund the account. I know the first £2,000 is free but after that any deposits using credit or debit card is charged at 0.7%

I think Trading212 has the ability to remove this fee.

This method is very instant in terms of depositing or funding an account.


This is a suggestion as a long term client of trading 212. @Team212 @David @Bogi.H @B.E

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Why not top up using a free method instead?

Card transactions can cost a fair bit for businesses – hence the fee. I think it’s reasonable for T212 to pass this on to clients.


As @topher mentioned - the fee’s purpose is to cover the costs levied by payment providers and card companies. Waving it completely would mean that a portion of cash otherwise intended for product improvements and sustainability would have to be used in that direction.

Instant bank transfers and bank wires remain free of charge.


It’s supposed to be a deterrent from those payment types. Use the free ones which have no impact on T212. Using the others are a privilege you need to pay for. Why should 212 cover this cost for you?


Are you in the UK? Use open banking it’s amazing and arguably faster once set up.

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Does depositing with a credit/debit card get cashback (or crypto) anywhere? Does anyone know?

This would be the only reason I think of that makes it an attractive method to deposit rather than a bank transfer.

To OP: what are your reasons for using card vs bank transfer? Be curious why anyone would do this.

I get points on my John Lewis credit card which is the reason I would do it. However, since the charge is there, I obviously don’t.

I can’t speak to crypto but you don’t usually get cashback investing by card. For example, I’m 99.9% sure Chase precludes things like investments and legal fees.

That’s what I thought too it would be excluded from rewards everywhere as it creates an infinite loop type scenario. Eg:

  1. Deposit with card - get points/cashback/whatever on the “purchase”
  2. (Optional) buy something super low risk maybe. Hold it for a day and then sell.
  3. Withdraw all.
  4. Deposit with card same money again - get points/cashback/whatever. Maybe from another card even after moving it around bank accounts.
  5. Goto 2

Recycling the same money and getting rewards - surely this scenario is not something that can be allowed to happen.

That’s interesting, I wonder if they periodically review and would remove those points as I can see how this could allow an infinite loop of getting rewards. (see my other post in this thread above how)

Yes, I saw your post and did wonder myself. Having tried to look at the Ts & Cs, I’m having trouble finding whether they would be excluded or not, although “cash related payments” are excluded. Perhaps that covers it?

Personally, I can’t really see why it should be a problem. To “abuse” it, you would really need to do a lot for 1 point worth 1p for every £4 spent. My monthly contribution of £50 to T212 would net me 12p worth of points, even if I went up to my monthly credit limit of £7,000 it would still be less than £20 I would gain from it.

Who are these people? Me and my homies only withdraw moneys, never fund!!

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Why is it not possible to use the Autoinvest feature to fund a Pie via a bank account ? With Autoinvest I can only see options to fund via a card or ApplePay or free funds, all of which seem to incur the 0.7% fee over £2k.

There is a workaround → check this thread or this article in our Help Centre for more info :pray:

If you’re looking for direct debits, however, it’s not something we support at the moment. I’ll pass your feedback along to be considered as part of future improvements, though.

I think it complicates things. Especially if I want to withdraw money. I read something that said they for AML purposes they allow withdrawal on the method you used for deposit? You can withdraw using other methods but it will lengthen the time (checks etc).

The whole purpose is that this method of deposits is very convenient. they can also up the limit to say £10k? Or more? Or just on a case by case basis if someone requested they can increase the limit.

Convenience costs though. Why should Trading 212 foot the bill for this to happen? It literally costs them this money to implement debit card charging, they’re just passing the bill on.

Personally, I’d advocate for eradicating the feature all together, bank and open bank transfers are both great, much cheaper for 212 and just as fast.

Have to admit, I don’t get what’s so inconvenient about bank transfers? I log into my Lloyds account, I transfer whatever amount I wish to transfer to the details that I have saved under my Payees and it can’t be 10 seconds later before the funds are in my T212 account.

Instant bank transfers even faster in 212. Press a button in 212 app, type in amount. Finger print. Done.

Money is there.


I don’t like the fee but can understand it. It is reasonable. I use Revolut to avoid the fee, works perfectly for me. It is easy and free. DM me for details if you are interested @MohammedS