🌊 Earn 1.5% cashback this summer!

:fire: Earn 1.5% cashback on your purchases throughout the summer!

Get your 212 card now: trading212.com/cards

:white_check_mark: 1.5% cashback until 1 Oct 24, 0.5% thereafter
:white_check_mark: Earn 5.2% on your pounds. Paid daily. Withdraw anytime.
:white_check_mark: Revolutionary low exchange rates
:white_check_mark: Our card is free - no sneaky fees or subscription plans

The 212 Card is available for UK residents only. Stay tuned for the launch in Europe.

Interest applies on the uninvested cash in your account. ATM withdrawals are free up to £400 per month, 1% ATM fee applies thereafter. You can get up to £20 cashback every month.


Does this include current users?

Yes, this applies to current users, too :pray:


Amazing news. I did see this in my app before the announcement and thought I’d keep quiet in case it was a mistake :joy:

Thanks team.

Jesus, will chase account wont be used all summer haha

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Lets see how long it takes for a physical card to arrive so I can use it!

Great offer! Been having a great time using the card! :sunglasses:

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Thank you @Bogi.H :slightly_smiling_face:
Any timeframe for the card availability for Europeans ?

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Hey, @Bibi :wave:

We’re aiming to launch the card in Europe by the end of spring. We’ll share the exact details once we’re closer to the release :pray:


Is a payment for DVSA Driving Test eligible for cash back on spending?

All POS and online payments are eligible for cashback as long as the merchant isn’t part of the excluded list.

Thanks Momchil. However, the cash back about the spending has not been awarded whereas cash back for other spending later than this has been awarded.

I tried to seek help through chat, but after communicated with two respentatives, the chat is left opened without further response from them.

Would you have some advise to me about this case?

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I’ll need some more information to help with that. Let me send you a private message, and I’ll check things right away :raised_hands:

Will the trading 212 card have the ability to hold money earning 5.2% interest only in banks like the new cash isa coming out this month. Also, When is that cash isa being released?

The card is linked to your Invest account. Interest in these account types is earned through a combination of products, including QMMFs, time deposits, and current accounts.

Works with virtual card as well as physical?

Welcome to the Community, @znicho :tada:

Yes, you can earn cashback using both the virtual and the physical card.

What is a QMMFs? I activated the highest interest rate and I asked the customer assistance if that was putting my money into risk, the straight answer is yes, but I didn’t get a real explanation and I think there isn’t a way to monitor if you are losing money or not. I can only see the daily interest I receive, but I cannot see if my overall uninvested money has lowered because maybe something has gone wrong.
Also I think the communication is pretty misleading because trading 212 always reference to the money that produces interest as “uninvested money” like it wasn’t at risk, but as we said already, it is at risk. Unless you now tell me that Trading 212 guarantees you you will always get back the uninvested you deposited.

Also, I requested the Trading 212 but I never got one, I think is still not released so how can we have the kind of communication shown above?

Qualifying money market funds (QMMFs) hold mainly short-term, low-risk financial assets that aim to maintain a stable value. They’re called “qualifying” because they meet certain regulations that allow them to be considered cash equivalents, and they’re often used for the cash portion of retirement or investment accounts.

You can see your cash holdings in QMMFs and banks through the Interest on cash dashboard and in your account activity and monthly statements. Uninvested cash is any cash that you have not invested in instruments like stocks and ETFs. Even though the funds are earning interest, you can freely withdraw them to a personal account or invest in stocks and ETFs of your choice. We carefully select all QMMFs to ensure that they are highly liquid, stable in value, and maintain their highly regulated status. In addition to that, we take the steps mentioned in this article to manage the risks.

The 212 Card is now available to all UK residents without having to sign up through the waitlist. If you would like to order a physical card, you can visit this page: trading212.com/cards. Тhe in-app card dashboard can be found in your Invest account. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any specific questions :pray: