Introducing - Last Trade Price

Agree you need to look elsewhere for prices as you can’t see which side the last price is and I wouldn’t use what is showing here currently.

Limit orders are the best way to ensure you only pay what you are prepared to and not to get caught out - Less of an issue for some liquid stocks but others where the spread can be wide more care is needed. If the Bid / Offer spread is shown (as it was before) it would be clearer when reviewing stocks without having to use multiple sources.

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I vote strongly for keeping display SELL/BUY alias BID/ASK prices. OK, lets continue with LTP, but renew SEEL/BUY displays f.e. in smaller script nearby LTP in pop-up window by SEEL/BUY order creation…spread is very important indicater about current or overall market liquidity on item.

Instead of worsening Webtrader by cancelling of display BUY/SELL prices, there is a lot of ther space for improvements as:

  1. missing multi-search (ctrl+F) by ticker as well as by name of item across whole ptf (this existing feat. was cancelled 2 years back with launch of new webtrader…never applied back although promised that is incorporation back is under work)

  2. missing display of next coming EX-dividend date close to dividend yield

  3. missing column with daily market change in ptf item by item, which is standard by most traders (you have unlogicly 2 colums for the same - 2x result - in money and in %, it sholud be placed together in 1 column)

Such features would be useful (info-value) and helpful (time saving) for clients!!!


ETF’s prices are stuck for quite some time due to this change and no visibility on bid/ask.
ETFs don’t even match the Last trade price pattern. Even today if you check VFEM, IUKD graphs … they are just stuck for a longer period and graph differs from London Stock Exchange.


I don’t understand the purpose of introducing a change that is so different from the industry standard. The LTP is not helpful at all in making a decision to buy or sell. Can we at least have the option of viewing the midpoint price between the buy and the sell? Thanks.

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Sorry T212 but your change from the Buy/Sell display to LTP is nothing short of a complete shambles. Traders on the platform range from novice to experienced, many of the novices were ‘Lured in’ back in the day by the TV advertising targeting the average Joe in the street.

Without the knowledge of the correct bid/ask, then level 2 access is a must, LTP can at times be far nearer the ask & leave a casm gaping below to the bid, if a novice sells at ‘market’ they lose a vast amount of their investment with absolutely no idea of the price they have sold at.

To use the excuse of LTP being ‘Industry standard’ is very poor and way off the mark, Schwab, Webull, TDA, & IKBR price quotes are often way ahead of the T212 platform, such lagging creates a dangerous environment in which to trade…

Please advise what changes & tools you are going to implement, to enable platform users of all experience levels to trade safely & securities to report accurately without lagging.


I think it depends on your trading strategy. There have been countless posts from people on the forum asking why T212 price is different from finance sites such as Yahoo.

There is also the confusion of bid/ask prices being indicitive only and the multitude of posts asking why a trade was out of the indicitive price range.

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Yes, this change is super annoying. I lost many trades because of this. It is fact that I can’t place any limit order confidently. All i can do is - market order at the mercy of luck to get the price I want


This confuses me greatly. Care to elaborate?

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I think they’re confusing the indicative prices in the app versus what they may potentially receive trading on book, coupled with a lack of understanding on the regulations around best execution. Does this help unconfuse you?

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It helps, but still not quite. How can one would place a market order over a limit order in order to get the price they want?
Or are they complaining of unfilled orders, in which case they care more about the fill than the price? But then it’s not like they would have got the price they wanted anyway.

Yup, still very confused. I hope we can bring some clarity for everyone.


let us say current buy price (so called LTP) is 2.01 for a ticker. If I had placed an order for 2.03 (well before indicative price reached 2.01), the order wont get filled !. I was told it is liquidity problem. how is this possible?it is like…someone is willing to sell @ 2.01 when I can offer 2.03 they went with someone who wants to buy @2.01 ?!.. there is something wrong with the new price (100% am confident on this). Due to this issue, it is really hard to work with limit orders; so what I was saying…I just need to simply place market order to get order filled in (the price that I want if I am lucky) . hope this clarifies

If the price is indeed LTP, a price of 2.01 mean a trade happened at this price. The next sell order might be at 2.10, or anything, really.

But you’ve confirmed what I thought, you care more about the execution that the price. Then market order it is for you.

A limit order ensures that you get the price you want, but not that it will get filled.

If you place a limit order so close to the LTP, just give it a minute, or a little longer in low liquidity markets; unless the price moves rapidly up, your order is likely to be one of the best available, and should get filled eventually.

If you just care about the fill, then of course, market order is for you.

But the LTP price isn’t your problem here :thinking:

Edit: maybe a little extra clarification; the fact that a trade happened at 2.01 does not mean that anybody is willing to trade at 2.01, 2.02, or 2.03. As i mentioned above, the next available trade could be quite far off. More liquid markets have a narrower spread, sometimes of half a cent, usually in the 2-10 cent region. Illiquid market could have spread of a few dollar sometimes, in which case I cannot stress enough to use limit orders instead of market orders.
You could see a LTP of 2.01 and get a fill at 5.00 with a market order, in those type of market.

This is what even I thought - “If the price is indeed LTP, a price of 2.01 mean a trade happened at this price.” but t212 confirmed it is not. They even tried to get list of trades executed around that period to confirm. None of the executed prices matched the price shown on the chart. I am asking them to explain, how is LTP then? so far, i haven’t got any convincing answer.

Going back to my case - I didnt place my order after seeing the price as 2.01 and expecting to get filled. I placed the order in the morning when the price was far off from the limit (say 2.10). Even when the price went down to 2.01, my order @ 2.03 didn’t get filled. If the price shown is LTP, how is this possible ?

Yes, all I care - whether my order gets executed or not. This introduction of LTP is impacting it. how- all prediction/indicators based on price gone for toss. lez say you got stop-limit order at 2.01 even though price hasn’t reached 2.01, it gets triggered

I understand price is always indicative, but if it is LTP it should match a trade happened in that day, not to the price = last traded price ± some cushion agree?

I understand the risk of market order, just saying limit order with unreliable price shown is same as market order


Agree if they want to use LTP it should reflect trades that are actually happening as that is what it is meant to represent. A stock I’ve been following has hit 1.3 LTP 7 times today and the lowest trade all day has been 1.402 which is almost 8% different. I keep getting alerts triggered that aren’t reflective of what is actually happening in the market which is really annoying. Add into that the Bid/Offer spread and you add a bigger difference (which I would expect).

I’ve even resorted to lowing the prices on alerts below the level I’m interested in (on less liquid stocks) purely to stop getting multiple notifications that aren’t reflective of real trades.

Various other stocks I’ve been watching are the same - Mainily an issue with less liquid stocks


The price which is displayed for less liquid ETF (there could be more but at least where I see problem) is no-where near close to LTP. For some of the ETFs price doesn’t move for hours. If it is LTP that means no trades are done during that time. But that is not the case as LTP graph from other sources for example London Stock Exchange differs a lot.


Almost all the ETFs (e.g. VEVE, UKDV, GSPX) on my watchlist have a 0.0% for the past 30 minutes since the market opened, the charts are equally weird looking, zig zag like the chart of a low liquidity stock. This is really such an unhelpful change. I hope T212 is taking note of the feedback which has been largely negative.

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Hi guys , is there a way to get the sale price to show on my positions.
Also when looking at the instrument details of a stock the buy and sale prices are no longer there after recent update of app on ios.
Can we get these put back on please?


Today I’ve noticed that the information about the sale price has disappeared from the details area.
This is a serious problem because, in the absence of the selling price, we cannot make transactions knowing whether we make a profit or lose money.

This problem appears on both PC and App. I have noticed that now, instead of the selling price, it shows the current price. This information has no sense to be there because we already have it on top.

Please restore the sell price information as soon as possible because is heavily impacting our trading activity.

Thank you in advance, best regards!


I saw my topic was attached to this one but I think you do not understand that I sell without being able to know if I take a profit or if lose money.

On my last transaction, I lost money even though the rentability was for taking a profit!

Even when buying I don’t know what will be the price.
I recently bought some shares and the buying price was higher, but the difference was way bigger than when we had buy / sell prices.

This LTP thing is not ok at all, the spread is much bigger compared to the times when we had buy / sell prices, and we don’t even know how big is the difference until the action is done!

This situation is a big problem in terms of transparency, if nothing changes I will take into consideration my collaboration with T212.


We only have DMA here, so the prices in the app are indicative. This has always been.

What you are suggesting here is illegal in the UK/EU. As above we have DMA so your trade sits in a queue until executed on exchange.

In terms of what you are trying to do - could you not set a minimum price on your sell order if you are trying to day trade / scalp movements?

I do agree that last traded price on the app is a downgrade from having bid/ask. My ideal preference would be for the default (if only one default), for the bid price. This way my portfolio view in the app would give a better indication of the current value I could expect if I sold my positions AND if this was shown in the price/history graphs, then rather than the prices jumping between bid and ask, in which LTP does and is not indicative of the actual market movements. I’m sure some others may have different views but these are in terms of my needs.

I’m sure 212 understand this, but not sure why they would make such a change :man_shrugging:

Personally I no longer track the value of my portfolio in the app, I do it offline and use 212 as a means to acquire shares at a lower cost to most other brokers.