Market price and sell price

I’m not sure why my last post was flagged but I’ll try again. Yesterday on certain stocks the market price and the sell price was exactly the same, today the same problem is affecting all my stocks, is this a glitch? Surely the they haven’t got rid of the spread?

What instrument in particular?

Sorry mate not familiar with all the correct terminology. It’s everything I have in my invest account.

I’m just concerned the profits I’m seeing on things aren’t actually that high if the spread is listed wrongly

So I’m seeing these as the last trades

73.90 ask/offer (buy)
72.70 bid (sell)

@David a glitch here seeing the bid with the ask

Can you also respond to my PM :pray: thanks

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Its not just this company, its every stock in my portfolio. The market price listed on trading 212 is showing exactly the same as the selling price. There should be a difference like you’ve shown in your picture.

I opened a support ticket and got a reply really quickly but was literally just a generic explanation of what a spread is :man_facepalming:t2:

Phil has been drawing attention to this issue with LSE AIM stocks for months, think it is still actively being worked on / looked at by 212. He’ll be able to tell you more I’m sure.

Don’t be disheartened support is $hit

Even more so today, couldn’t take ~£600 on open today. When I did login, couldn’t get an order to place, and was still showing the previous day’s quotes for minutes. Then the charts disappeared completely and had the wrong ask shown.

And because of the volatility when I could sell it was into red, so now bag holding a couple hundred down instead.

In summary not a good day.


Gutted mate. I’ve had the graphs disappear a few times but nothing that’s cost me money yet thankfully. I’ve just checked and the last update for the app was Monday and thats when I first started to notice the spread wasn’t showing. I guess something went wrong there, just looked on Facebook and it looks like a few are having the same issues.

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Yeah it sucks I was watching it all pre-market too going oh that’s going to be a nice return, what can I use that profit on.

Yep 11.83, dipped to 6.9 and a 7.80 close. Completely fucked over. Held to the end currently -£150 down based on a 7.80 bid. Depends now if we can get enough support to take on the shorts on this. AH building :crossed_fingers: for tomorrow. Hopefully leave at least break even.

I had this issue today, couldn’t load data. That 7.47 was not the ask at the time either.

Anyway sorry I feel like I’ve just hijacked your thread with my grumbles.

I don’t think there is an issue here. It’s just an indicative price in the app where the feed comes from BB I think, and by default is the offer price. I think this has been asked several times. The data feed would double if they did both.

I don’t know if they could implement a setting where you could either have it default to bid or offer, but either way is not wrong, it’s just the way it works based on the BB feed.

If at all possible, your holdings should reflect the bid valuation, and any securities you search for, the Ask.

@Dougal1984 feed comes from Bloomberg and I’m seeing the same issue.

@David @Rumen please look at this.