Introduction Introduction

Hello beautiful souls, I’m new here.
Is anyone available to show me around?

Thank you


Welcome :pray:t2:

The most useful thing we can say is that there is a search function on the forum that looks like a magnifying glass that should be at the top right.


Other than that - don’t believe most things people say on this forum, it’s mostly opinion so DYOR!

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Welcome, @GrafSteiner :pray: We hope you’ll enjoy your time in the Community.

Here’s a place where you can exchange knowledge and participate in various discussions. If there isn’t a discussion about something you’re interested in, just start a new thread.

On a side note, what @Dougal1984 said is right - you should always do your own research when it comes to investments.

That’s what this forum is all about! Still, let me be your tour guide today :world_map: I will drop you a DM right away.