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Is there a way instead of investing in individual company’s to invest in an index


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Yes. Have a read up on ETFs. They’re the best way of replicating an index on modern brokerage’s and have a lot more benefits (liquidity, more regular pricing can be traded intraday etc etc).

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Yes looks like under the ETF tab lists all the world indexes

Something like the Vanguard world ETF is a good start, my favourite would be ticker symbol ‘VWRL’. Have a look through link below at all the information. Good idea to understand what you buy whether ETF or single stock.

in ETF, whats better to invest in Acc or Dist?

It depends on where you pay your tax.
Some countries benefit Accumulating ETFs and other treat both ETF dividend treatments (accumulating or distributing) equally.

My personal preference for an ISA account is Accumulating because dividends and capital gains are not taxed in ISA accounts in the UK and accumulating is just more convenient for me, you also avoid the currency conversion fee.

im in the UK aswell and doing and have opened an ISA account with T212, so you say Acc