Invest & ISA - Account Funding Conditions Update

I get that but I’m sure when there is an update on this and other stuff, they will share.

Have you seen how many threads for things people are asking for. Thais a fair effort to reply to all each month if everyone expected a reply.

I manually invest once a month and don’t find it much of a faff.

Out the box but surely a means to have a regular direct debit, or an automated bank transfer with a specific reference should be good enough to fund accounts?

Then it’s simply a case as you say if a pie looking to use ‘free funds’ on a specific day based on the frequency you set.

Sounds simple but there must be some sort of complications to setting it up that aren’t clear to us.

I have pretty much automated everything I can. Money is automatically sent from my national bank account to my Monese account, there it gets exchanged to EUR and also automatically it gets sent to my Trading212 account. And every Monday I have to manually invest in my 5 thematic pies. The last piece of the puzzle is missing for automation.

It might very well be more complicated than it seems (although I doubt that since as somebody pointed out the feature is already implemented in the Demo account and there are no integrations involved), but a small post with an update and maybe an ETA would go a long way for us users.


since people keep bring it up. Let me point out the “demo account” has no functionality at all. It’s not even an account, but a virtual simulation of how the real money accounts work. this means for those demo accounts the “implemented features” are just changing the numbers visible on the screen, nothing is actually being handled internally. Let’s not forget that even the current automation with the 0.7% card fee’s tacked on will occasionally fail due to holiday market closures.

Sure, no one is saying that demo and real accounts are the same, but you can plan autoinvest on specified day and it is proceed on market open. So, some kind of server side funcionality / trigger is implemented there. As a software developer, I don’t understand what takes half of the year to implement it.

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If you invest on Monday, you can move cash to pies any time on weekend and the money will be invested on Monday when market(s) open…This is the “workaround” I am using now.

I have to agree with you @Investor212. I am also a software developer and my team implemented complete services in less than 6 months. This is mostly backend too, so one more reason it shouldn’t take this long. Of course we could be wrong, but they could clear that out in a 3 line post.

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From my point of view, the only thing what needs to be done is server-side pie cash funding on specified day and maybe some insufficient account money handling (notification?) The rest is already here. I hope we will have some news soon…


@B.E Since I see you are more active this days can you please update us on where we are using autoinvest from free funds or direct debit feature? Another month has passed and still nobody cares.

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Hey @adriantc :wave:

We know that this is a highly anticipated feature, however, I’m afraid, that I don’t have an exact ETA for its launch as of yet. It’s on our To-Do List, so by all means, I’ll keep you posted as things progress further.

Feel free to reach me or the @Team212 at all times, if you need anything else!

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@B.E Thanks for your message. It is much appreciated. Hopefully work will start soon.

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If I didn’t know any better, I would think that all features which are related with new fees, ie multi currency(fx fee), autoinvest from free funds(card top up fee), are postponed/on hold.

Not to mention the teaser of T212 debit card some years ago. :slight_smile:


It would be really nice to get an update about the “AutoInvest from free funds” feature.

You used to have a “What’s coming up” segment that I think many T212 users and the community would really appreciate.

Keep up the good work! :crossed_fingers:t3: :wave:t3:


Has there been any update on using the fee free deposit methods for auto invest?

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@George We are approaching 1 year since this change has been introduced. You said it is on the TODO list, but it seems there has been no update. The credit card fee has been explained and while I understand it, it has crippled a functionality that can’t be that hard to fix (using free funds for autoinvesting). Is there a real plan to fix it, because we are all suspecting there is no real wish to do it. Can you post again and give us some more concrete view on if/when this is going to be worked on?


Sooner or later they will add it I guess. What would be cooler though IMO is for the pie to get automatically funded by a bank transfer - probably by inserting a pie’s reference code in the transfer notes? Indicating that you want the transferred funds to directly fund the pie.


100% this would be amazing if we could transfer regular payments and the reference code was the name of the pie to direct funds.


Is the allocation by reference number automated and if not (and as far as I can see it is not), do you plan to do anything about it?