AutoInvest - Known issues / Fixes / What's coming up

Pending Fixes
:clock3: - Stamp duty is being counted as invested value which distorts the return calculation of the pie.
:clock3: - Manually deposited funds from “Custom” distribution option are displayed as Free Cash but not available for AutoInvest (Pie Free cash is not displayed in the overall value of the portfolio)

:white_check_mark: - On some Android devices cancelling an investment/rebalancing/withdrawing takes a very long time.
:white_check_mark: - On Android devices, when withdrawing using a Custom fund distribution you are allowed to select a greater sell value to a specific slice than its actual value.

Upcoming features
:clock3: - Pie performance graph
:clock3: - Pie history
:clock3: - AutoInvest using accounts free funds
:clock3: - Access to instrument details page from pie’s holdings tab
:clock3: - Import shares into a pie
:clock3: - Export shares from a pie
:clock3: - Nested pies
:clock3: - Pie sharing