Up to 2k card free fees


Just a quick one, The new policy is that T212 is charging 0.7% for card deposits. It also says up to 2k in total no fees would be charged… But my question is, up to 2k from the new policy’s date? If I deposited 3k in December, am I still allowance for 2k free fees?

I know you can use a bank transfer to make it for free. But I am asking specifically for this 2k before fees.


It doesn’t count until the date the fees are live

From what I was told in the chat it is per transaction and not in total though

When is that? On the website it already says they are charging the fees…


“Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Skrill, iDeal, DotPay, GiroPay, Sofort
No fees until you deposit EUR 2 000 in total. A fee of 0.7% will apply thereafter.”

It’s not per transaction - excuse us for the confusion. When the cumulative deposited amount surpasses 2k, then a fee is applied.

All details are also listed here:

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Thank you, very well explained.



Thanks Much helpful. I see that there will be monitoring on people who try to go around and transfer on CFD account and then move to Invest. My question is, paypal does not seem to be mentioned (only skrill), so if I move money via paypal to the CFD account and then I transfer it to the invest I am still doing something allowed?

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I thought it was now illegal to charge customers for using debit / credit cards in the UK?

In the vast majority of other circumstances surcharges are capped at the cost to the retailer for processing the payment.