Investing as a student


I am a full time employee in Germany and new to investing. My wife is a student and she is also interested to invest. Since she doesn’t earn much (< € 450 pm), what’s a good idea for us to save taxes and invest more? I taking her savings and investing or us doing from each of our accounts individually?


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with such limited funds and being a student, she would probably be better off investing that money towards additional skills and qualifications. once you have raised the base income past a certain point then it makes sense to put aside some money for investments. but it doesn’t sound like she is earning enough right now that investments are the best course of action.

handled individually will likely be the best way to go to avoid money issues later on and fractionals will mean you don’t need to pool money together to afford the higher priced shares you want to hold.

Thanks Dao. Since we are together, we have no issues for funds for her education or anything career wise. We’re just interested to know from tax perspective which would be the best course of action if we were to invest. Individual/I alone (by including her funds as well). :slight_smile:

You’ll need to check German laws on capital gains etc but it’s best to have her money in her own account and not something controlled by you

Hi Kevad,

I am not knowledgeable on the tax regime in Germany. But do you have any equivalent “tax free” investment vehicles like ISA in the UK or IRA in the USA for putting stocks/shares into? That may be one way to save taxes when investing.

But I notice that you said you are new to investing. If so perhaps you can set up a practice account with Trading 212 to learn about investing until you are confident enough to open a real trading account.

I am not controlling but we were thinking that she would transfer funds into my account and we invest together from my account instead but am not sure.

I don’t know yet. I will have to look it up. :slight_smile: Everything is in German :grimacing:

That is basically controlling. Let her have her own account. Combining only has negatives to it…0 positives

She can just add money to her account and buy VWRL or S&P500

edit: although you are married so if you get divorced she can take half anyway so it doesn’t matter so much either way. But her having her own can expose her to personal finance more