Investing in Cycling - which stocks?


I’d like to invest more in cycling, not just because I think it’s a positive development for the world, but because with an upcoming recession and decline in use of public transport, I think cycling will grow so it’s a good investment right now.

So far the only two stocks I’ve been able to find on Trading 212 are:

  1. Accell Group (make Dutch bikes)
  2. Halfords (sells bikes, but also does automotive MOT, so not perfect investment, but also not bad)

Does anyone know any other stocks available on trading 212 I could look at?

Obviously Giant would be great… but they’re Tiawanese and not on the app (yet)!


Fundamental Analysis of Halford’s - HFD have you read this? As a cyclist I personally don’t consider Halfords to be cycling business. It’s a really competitive market with small margins, I’m not sure anyone outside Taiwan does that well out of it, but I’d be glad to be proved wrong

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Hi I have invested in Halfords with the same train of thought as you. I think in time will be a great investment but like you I’m also looking for future cycling investments

Agreed. Even Halford’s have started to close one of their cycle brands to focus on a single high end digital only brand.

In terms of repairs to your bikes and maintenance, Halford’s might be an interesting pick in that space. They are leaning towards helping people with more complex bikes, which is the higher end smaller (but better margin) part of the market.

In the Halford’s report about their strategy they mention the majority of physical bike retailers/maintenance shops are independent and there isn’t a market leader in the space.

That really limits you to only the cycling manufacturers, or taking a much bigger risk on regional outlets.

Opinions on here shouldn’t be taken seriously but Halfords financials are in a bad spot even though they have favourable market conditions. Buy stocks through a companies fundimentals. not speculation.