Investing in cycling


I’d like to invest more in cycling, not just because I think it’s a positive development for the world, but because with an upcoming recession and decline in use of public transport, I think cycling will grow so it’s a good investment right now.

So far the only two stocks I’ve been able to find on Trading 212 are:

  1. Accell Group (make Dutch bikes)
  2. Halfords (sells bikes, but also does automotive MOT, so not perfect investment, but also not bad)

Does anyone know any other stocks available on trading 212 I could look at?

Obviously Giant would be great… but they’re Tiawanese and not on the app (yet)!


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I’m not too certain of individual cycling stocks, but another take on this could be to look at the apparel companies that outfit cyclists and runners etc.

You might find the companies that do best would be the whole fitness clothing/apparel companies.

Alternatively there are the companies that offer tech in the sport sector. (Garmin/GoPro etc…)

So, although this doesn’t answer your question, here are some useful ideas to keep in mind with fitness and sport in mind.

Tandem Group plc manufactures and distributes sports and leisure equipment through a number of locations in the United Kingdom. The Group manufactures its products under such brand names as Boss, Falcon, Claud Butler, British Eagle, and Holdsworth. The Company’s products are marketed internationally.

But I don’t think the sector is currently profitable. Evans Cycles closed many shops last year.

Don’t think it is very profitable. We had a large chain of cycling shops in The Netherlands which invested millions, but a few years later the company collapsed and was split in parts. Halfords in The Netherlands also has cut in the number of shops. Most shops were closed except the franchisers.

Story in Dutch:

How about sports footwear? Terry Smith recently brought Nike for Fundsmith, and Under Armour has recently given a role to renowned economist Mohamed El-Erian.

Looks more solid investment indeed. Think Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc

I would love join Canyon IPO (just dreaming) :heart_eyes:

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Would a company like Peloton (PTON) fit the bill maybe?

As a cyclist and interested in doing the same, I would point out that the industry is rather large if you know where to look.

bike companies are okay, but the thing about cycling is all the parts come from specialist suppliers and so you can invest in the companies behind key-tech rather than just a bike supplier on the whole.

for example: continental are in the automotive industry, but are also a big name in the manufacture of quality bicycle tires.

Garmin and Wahoo are big for their cycling tech. Roka, Rapha and Le Col etc for cycling clothing and accessories.

Bike brands in particular only sell the bike frame or completed bikes. meaning parts from SRAM, Shimano, Mavic, Maxxis etc etc so there are few worth investing in directly unless their business model is just that great.

it stands to reason that the best opportunities in the cycling industry are to find promising new brands that are on the stockmarket to invest in while they are working on releasing a hot new piece of tech rather than just going to the largest most common name.

halfords is a pretty terrible option considering they are constantly offloading their cycling facilities and services to “better serve their automotive customers”. as it is halfords, cycle republic, tredz all owned by the same group but no cohesive identity to leverage in the market.