Investing in Gold and Global Tracker ETFs (advice)

I have £35k sitting in premium bonds largely doing nothing. I already have £20k which I invested in a S&S ISA in the Vanguard Global All Cap Index fund last July. From everything I’ve read it seems like the market is likely going down, but I don’t think I have the nerve to put it into anything safer and then try and get back in at a lower price (i.e. time the market). Which is probably a good thing as I imagine I’d mess it up!

However it seems pointless having all of this money just in premium bonds doing nothing. So I was thinking of investing say £15k in a stocks and shares ISA (I’ve already put about £3,000 in an ISA this year).

I was thinking about splitting the money between iShares Physical Gold (SGLN) and Vanguard All World ETF (VWRL) in some percentage, maybe 40% gold ETF, 60% global ETF. Maybe dollar cost averaging the money over the coming weeks/months?

I’ve been meaning to invest it for a while and now seems like it might be a more opportune time. I don’t really have the knowledge to pick my own stocks and it seems like gold is doing pretty good due to all of the uncertainty/volatility in the markets.


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