Gold etf is it worth it?

Who is currently invested in gold etc worthwhile?

I am no longer invested in Gold ETP/ETCs, but I used to just go for the cheapest one. Although I would always read the information documents just in case there is anything that doesn’t sound right.

I am currently invested in a few individual gold miners.

Are you looking for a gold ETP/ETC that tracks the price of gold or are you looking for an ETF that tracks gold miners?


Hi am guessing the etf is an better investment?

You mean a gold miner ETF instead of the price of gold?

It depends. If gold goes up, the gold miners will generally go up more as their profits and cash flows will grow by more than the price increase of gold.
However if gold goes down, the gold miners are likely to go down by even more as their profits and cash flows would decline by a larger amount than the price variation (reduction in this case) of gold.

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Gotcha do you know any good gold etfs?

Try typing “physical gold” in the Trading 212 search screen. You’ll get a few good options that way. Different stock markets/currencies, also Euro hedged versions (do expect higher fees). For what it’s worth, I am invested in the WisdomTree Swiss Gold (SGBS) one listed is USD on the LSE with fees of 0.15%.

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Investing in Gold is well known strategy to hedge against inflation.
Many people do DIY investment will have Gold in their portfoilio for that good reason. So imy my personal opinion it is worthy.

How to invest in gold ? There are a lot of ways. Gold as comodity, gold miners, Gold and precious metal ETFs, etc. There are a lot of information available on internet.

But if you do not want to spend a lot of time navigating/searching in the jungle, this scottish mum has done a summarising work for you to start with.

Another Examples: is iShares Physical Gold by Blackrock

Mind you still need to do your own DD.