Social Trading on Trading 212 (Etoro feature)

Would love to work for free with Trading 212 to get this feature implemented.

For background knowledge, last year I mainly invested in UK stocks and beat the FTSE by about 20%. This year, I’ve been able to 3x my money and hopefully, trying to 4x by the end of the year. Quite a few people have wanted a way to ‘copy’ my investing. Currently manage about $91k on Etoro as a Popular Investor but I feel they have too many limitations.

Would love to work with Trading 212 to implement a similar feature. If you say yes, once the feature is launched, I’ll bring that entire $91k AUM over to Trading 212.

Let me know :slight_smile:


Also to add, if the $91k AUM seems small, again, it’s due to limitations with Etoro. I could have had approximately $500k-$1m in AUM if those limitations were not there.

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It’s the receipt for disaster of newbies that has no clues about investment and think that just copying someone else “successful” portfolio will give them the same results.


agree with you that a lot of people will just follow whoever has the highest return so far, similar as to what happend with a lot of mutual funds.

Copy pie is meant to be in progress atm.

We already have ProQuant for CFD if that floats your boat.