Investors living in The Netherlands

Hi Everyone,
I kind of copied the idea of @AlexK for our German friends, hope he doesn’t mind.
I know that T212 has quite few investors here in The Netherlands, I was thinking about having this chat to use for Q&A that are particularly for us like how to declare our taxes on Investments or Government deals with other countries (ex: in Italy there is a US agreement to prevent a double taxation with American dividends and I’m not sure if there is the same here) or others…

In this way future investors of this platform can find specific questions answered here without the struggle to look over thousand of websites.

Of course this will be helpful if there are other like me in this community otherwise not much.

Hope to hear from someone. :v:

P.s.: My idea of this community is for everyone living in The Netherlands so both expat and Dutch fellows, this is why I would like to keep it in English. Gezellig :slight_smile:


Dutch overhere. Hoi hoi welkom! :nerd_face:

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Support from here! It would be much easier to file taxes!

Hi guys… for instance, a thing I discovered these days, that is especially for us, is that if we use iDeal or Apple Pay with the Pinpas we can’t withdraw back on that because the system doesn’t recognise it as a Debit card because it doesn’t have the 16 digit numbers of course.
Now it’s not a big deal because there are other ways to fund and withdraw money but I think it’s important to know.

Now on the tax side I actually wanted to check with you guys, as far as I know we have 15% taxes on dividends for company outside The Netherlands, that means that if we get paid by American companies we are ok because we already paid our 15% to them or we own another 15% to our Belasting?

You can deduct the paid taxes on dividends on your income tax statement. (aftrekbaar)

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Hi There,

Can anybody explain to me why the price fot buying and selling divers? See Screenshot



Those are the bid/ask (bied/laat) prices.

Could you please specify? Why is the sellprice lower than the actual?

The price shown on the chart is the buy (laat) price. For some reason they don’t show the last traded price like on other platforms.

You can use limit orders and difference between (laat en bied) is the spread. With some stocks it is bigger then with others i noticed.

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As i understand it, you do not pay the dividend taxes yourself but is deducted before you get it and that is 15% but watch out with french stocks they will deduct more. Do not know how much

Depends on the tax treaty. For example tax on dividends for US stocks is 30%, but due to a tax treaty between NL and USA it is 15% when making use of a W-8BEN form (which is automatically created by T212).

Without a W8-BEN form some brokers do not even allow investing in US stocks.

Even if the tax is taken, we should still report the dividends, right?

Can’t find anything about it on I believe you only have to report paid taxes on dividends.

If I understood right we should still report the taxes paid on dividends, but being 15% the dividend tax in The Netherlands, all of our American dividends are clear and we don’t have to pay more. But for instance as @amavis442 said other countries have higher taxes, like Italy I’m sure is 26%, in that case when we declare it we should get a refund of the extra taxes paid (correct me if I’m wrong).

Taxes paid on dividends are “aftrekbaar”. That means that every eurocent paid for taxes on dividends is “aftrekbaar”. That is the amount you report. So dividends of Dutch stocks have no dividend taxes. On US stocks you pay either 30% (without W-8BEN form) or 15% (with W-8BEN form) tax which will be “aftrekbaar” for Inkomstenbelasting.

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Even when you are in the EU dividend are treated differently. That comes as a surprise for some. For example if you have Total (a french company) 30% is deducted from the dividends. That was for some an unpleasant surprise. And like Chantal said, it is deductible in your tax return. But to be sure, you can always ask a professional.

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Hi Guys, I was thinking about having a list for the withholding taxation of different countries, which in our case as said from Chantal these taxes are deductible (aftrekbaar):

  • US: 30% (without W-8BEN form) or 15% (with W-8BEN form)
  • UK: 0%
  • Netherlands: 0% or 15% (reading on the Belasting the standard is 15% but companies can qualify for 0%, still not 100% clear to me, more researches to do)
  • Germany: 26.375%
  • France: 28% (It changed the 1st of January 2020 from 30%)
  • Spain: 21%
  • Switzerland: 35%

These other countries not yet in T212 but that should arrive this year:

  • Italy: 26%
  • Canada: 25%
  • Hong Kong: 0%
  • Singapore: 0%
  • Norway: 25% (regular rate) 15% (with tax treaty which is possible for EEA countries)

You are free to add some more or correct me if I have some wrong or old data.

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Oslo (Norway) will also be added later this year. Don’t know about tax rate.