iOS 14 widget support

Current iOS app has the old implementation of widgets. Will there be an update in the future that supports widgets in different sizes and on the Home Screen?


how did you get it before me??? :man_facepalming:

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I just type a little bit faster


I defo want this!! Robinhood are already there…


An iOS 14 widget to show the daily chart and current return? Robinhood have done something similar

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Hello @Ivan @David @Martin @PeterA

Can you please add a iPhone widget?


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There’s a fairly basic one (but it has to stay at the very bottom - you can’t reorder the widget to come up to the top).

Hit the “edit” button on the widget screen > scroll down to the bottom and click the “customise” button > add Trading212

I’d love some pie widgets!

I know about this but i’d like to see how much stocks have gone up.

Update : Typo

It’s not the iOs 14 widget, you can’t move the widget on other page etc …

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Because it’s the old widget, if they decide, they can make a new widget and can be positioned on the top and also on the Home Screen just like iOS widgets.

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it’s what I meant by it’s not a iOS 14 widget. It will be cool to have new widget made with swift UI, widget for revenue for each pie, a widget for the all the revenue.

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WE NEED WIDGET SUPPORT! Please trading 212!


Give them some time…

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I cannot see this widget. If I press + above on the left and scroll down to the bottom I cannot see a “cutomise button”…can you pls explain?

Hold your home page and before you click add widget go to the bottom of the screen and it says customise.

Here’s to hoping we might get an Xmas Present from T212 in the form of new iOS widgets :pray:

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We really need the widget.

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I love this presentation by Yahoo. This is what you want to see I guess:

Any update? The current widget is the old implementation which can’t be added on Home Screen


Any news now we are in 2021 :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: