iOS 14 widget support

I would love to see a better Widget for iOS, the current implementation we have is lacking in details other than Return and stuck at the bottom of our native widgets.

Also it would be great to get a OSX Notifications widget for Mac. I’m sure windows users would appreciate one too.


Are there any plans for an iOS 14 widget? It would be great to check my portfolio at a glance on my homescreen.

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there is no news regarding widgets that I am aware.

T212 is pretty focused on the main mobile apps and web platform so far.


Any ETA when this will be changed? I would love to add the T212 widget to my Home Screen.

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Hey :wave:,

Adding widgets to the home screen is not possible as of yet, and we can not provide you with ETA. Nonetheless, within our future plans and we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

The current widget is outdated. I have to swipe to the right to see it. More and more apps support the new way iOS shows widgets.

Guys we’re on iOS 15 now and still no iOS 14 widget support. What’s happening?


Pretty sad that we don’t get any useful widgets here…

Is there a 212 API we could build widgets?

Not for ISA/Invest. Don’t know if it still exists, but there was/is one for CFD