IPO stock not accessible

Good day T212,

Just want to bring to your attention that the IPO stock like BigCommerce and Rackspace aren’t accessible for T212 customers in term of buying shares. It’s just loading.

This is disappointing.


Are they available to retail customers yet?

@phil_dupri Corrected, sorry for the delay.

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T212 should have an IPO calendar


All IPOs on T212 are always hours late. People already start trading and we just get a blank screen. Why is that I wonder?

Always bashing without any fact checks or background knowledge.

Reality is “you” as in "retail investors " will never get access to IPO price, this goes for all retail investors not just T212 brokerage.

So even if there was issue at times with T212, that didn’t cause you to miss out on IPO leve price, it would never happen in first place.

So be humble, appreciate T212 work to get you access to most IPOs and stay patient/positive.

Else if you still think T212 is to blame, you can find better brokerage who will give you access to all those IPOs at their start Ask price.


With respect, it works both way. It doesn’t really matter if retail investors will never get it at IPO price. Having the option available at whatever price is what matters and is key to staying competitive.

I understand that there T212 may have issues from time to time. Should it become a major problem then surely retail investors would seek a more reliable service, T212 knows that. I suppose most of us enjoy the service here but we want it- “T212” to be better. Hence, the need I take time to comment in the first place.

Anyways, I have ask somewhere else on this forum, are there any plans to make it possible to buy pre IPO shares soon or in the near future, how would that work, T212?

Would be great to have a dedicated IPO Watchlist

It’s already in our pipeline!

We’re not planning to implement it since it’s related to buying huge blocks of shares which isn’t suitable for retail investors client base.