IPO stocks purchase

Hi - is there anyway bidding for IPO stocks before they actually list through trading212?

Can I only purchase the new US equity IPOs once they list on the stock market?


You can get in on some this way, but they don’t have the biggies you’re probably thinking of;

Thanks - yeah I’m after A specific IPO which is yet to be announced :wink:

Seems like trading212 might be my best best and hope that it tanks once it lists

Ooh, go on.

Interest piqued.

Think travel and think revolutionary… starts with an A and ends with a B!

If that’s Airbnb we have plenty of threads and the worst kept secret :sweat_smile:

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Ha ha thought you said yet to be announced…!

I doubt clickipo will have that on their docket. They’d be very busy if they did.

Yes but none which discuss the buy position for the IPO, more broader convos yes about the timeline. I did my search

Yep exactly - can’t wait for the statements to be released so that I can start my analysis

No worries I’m just saying T212 will have as soon as its listed on IB.

Retail investors are bottom of the food chain, the tutes have first dibs. Serious private investors may be able to get some before.

Theres a good video of a guy standing in the NYSE explaining all the steps it goes through before you get to buy it. @Joey_Fantana might have it to hand if he knows what I’m on about. Edit: I’m probably thinking of the video on this page

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No didn’t know about that but will go watch as it’ll bolster my bitty knowledge. Cheers!

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Thank you for sharing, personally I’m going to DCA when they launch. I also plan to do some analysis in advance of the release so if the opening price is crazy then I might just hold off.

Uber which is the only comparable example I can think of has really struggled since IPO.

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Thanks @phildawson - that was more insightful than I thought. Not simply a matter of Institutions getting in first, but actually getting in the day before!

Mind. Blown.

@arjun206 you’re probably aware of the Snowflake, Lemonade and Unity IPOs recently. You should take a look at the threads in relation to them on the day they IPO’d. A good indicator of whether or not the opening price will be crazy or not.

My money is on super crazy. I’ll be waiting.

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@phildawson @Joey_Fantana

Thank you both for your comments, yes I saw the Snowflake thread and saw people were desperate to buy it. The following is my plan:

  • Wait for the financials to be released, do my analysis and fair value calculation
  • On the day of the IPO I will watch the opening price, I think it is going to sky rocket in the opening hours, so if its a slight premium like 10 or 20% then I will put in 1/3 of my allotted powder for it.

Will then wait and watch for opportunities to buy, I think dollar cost average is the only way here. WB and Charlie absolutely hate IPOs and I agree with them, so its a bit of waiting game to be honest.

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Not sure who Charlie and WB are but agree in their dislike of IPOs. Only one I’ve invested in recently was BEKE and that was several weeks after it had settled.

Your strategy seems sound enough. :+1:

Mr and Mr Berkshire Hathaway. Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett :wink:

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Ah of course. :upside_down_face::+1:

@arjun206 might be bit late now but Freedom24 might be your way in early.

My bid fro ABNB executed at Freedom24 @68

Just a small lot though!

Isn’t the minimum £2k?