Buying Shares at IPO offer price before public

Just in this year we had seen many successful IPOs (SNOW, DASH, AI) pop giving 2x returns on the first day of trading.

I would like to know if Trading212 in the near future can launch any pre-IPO brokerage and investment services like Fidelity so retail customers (the peasants) like us can also book intents to purchase some modest amount of shares at the IPO offer price (like many other institutional investors) before the financial instrument becomes available for general public trading on trading platforms?

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I have the exact same question. Hoping to get some responses.

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Although I am interested in an official response I don’t believe Trading212 will be offering this any time soon.

Look back at the past 10-20 years and you will see IPOs are very risk that is why most banks and brokers, that are willing to go into this ask, for a minimum capital allocation between $100.000 to 1 million depending on the institution. This is due to profitability aspects (for the broker) and to fiduciary laws (take action in the best interest of the client) that they have to abide by.

As I don’t see Trading212 having any time soon this type of user base (let’s say 1000 users) able of leverage that amount on just one investment and don’t think they will be able to offer it.

Not even some of the bigger retail brokers are offering this service. (as far as I know)

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I was thinking more of starting a Kickstarter like pooled fund service to collect minimum 100k or 250k USD from the entire Trading 212 user base to participate in the IPO where each user contributes a minimum of 1000 USD and receives the IPO listing gains (profits) or losses according to his investment. Trading 212 can also charge some reasonable fees / commission for doing this service

Interesting proposal. Maybe try and do a poll and see what the community thinks. If people are actually willing to jump on board the T212 might react and offer this product/service :man_shrugging: