is BABA isa eligible?

Could someone please tell me why BABA is isa eligible but NIO etc are not? Is it to do with the state of incorporation? Freetrade lists it as ineligible.

Thank You

@wait Because T212 have A LOT of ISA eligibility errors despite the correction of 90 Stocks last week - including NIO.

Why? Specifically? … it’s because they mistakenly ‘think’ the underlying parent of the BABA ADR is listed (fully/legally listed) in HK. It’s not.

There’s a lot more.

ISA eligibility is a constantly moving and complex target.

FinKi has an API for that!!!

Just sayin!

Get in touch. I can analyse your entire stock universe for ISA eligibility quickly. Or take the FinKi ISA feed. Up to you.! Always under a Non Disclosure Agreement too. :zipper_mouth_face:


T212 needs to show @Finki the money! :moneybag:


It’s not expensive :moneybag: @topher

I mean… just think how many errors and PR nightmares you open yourself up to as a broker as you expand your universe. Thousands of stocks becoming eligible or ineligible on an unquantifiable timeframe across worldwide markets. How do you monitor that? You don’t. You source a service that does it for you. Then HMRC issue an update that says, for example, new VCT purchases are fine in an isa but existing VCTs can’t be moved over …, or cash like ETFs weren’t ok but now are ok… Do you want to deal with this in house? Or just subscribe to a service that does it for you? Or, like some others, pay for ad-hoc reviews? The choice is yours.


Is the BABA ADR is listed in the Cayman Islands? This seems like a massive miss especially given that trading212 just removed 90 shares that were not isa eligible

It’s ‘incorporated’ in the Caymans… essentially just a tax thing… not an absolute driver of isa eligibility. Eligibility is complex and a lot of brokers get it ‘wrong’