Allow me to categorise my stocks in “portfolios”

Can you create a functionality that allows me to categorise my “holding” stocks into portfolios?

I have a number of different industries that I’ve got shares in, and I’d like to be able to track the return of each portfolio separately (ie. a folder called “tech” portfolio which will have my ServiceNow, HubSpot, and Apple… an “automotive” portfolio for my Tesla, Ford, etc…).

So like a watchlist - but the watchlist having “sub-watchlists”.

This would then allow me to keep track of my diversification and clearly allow me to see which of my portfolios is failing, and which one is giving me gains (it’ll also show me the trend of which one of my portfolios/ industry is starting to boom - just how all the “tech” giants began booming during COVID).



The Pies can give you that option?

The pies aren’t available with the ISA account

Yes they are but its beta you have to apply through a form to use them.

But at the end of the month they’re being released full so wait a week or so and you’ve got them

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When they’re out in full you’ll be able to move existing position in and out too atm in beta things can only be bought in them. Not moved so it might be best to wait if you already have positions

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yes i think this has been requested and would be a really good feature to have

Thanks for that info!
Looking forward to it coming out in full then!