Is it possible to set together a stop-limit + a target price?

  • Stop-limit for the lowest price I would accept for that stock (below the current one)
  • target price for the price (above the current one) I would like to sell that stock

as soon as it reach one of the two the system would automatically sell my stock.
I’ve already set the stop-limit for the bottom, I would like to sell also the target price…

Have you tried to do this?

I set a stop limit for the minimum price I would accept for my stock.
Let’s say that the current value is 1,2 , I set a stop at 1 and a limit at 0,9$: so this is the trigger if the stock goes down.
How do I set a trigger in case the stock goes up?
Let’s say that I would like to sell it if and when it reach 1,4$.

Well you would set a limit sell with the price specified being the minimum you would sell for. Have you tried to do this?

it does’t work, it says that in order to sell the stock I’ve to purchase it before. But I already have that stock in my portfolio; the problem is that it’s already engaged with another trigger, the stop limit for the bottom price…so it doesn’t accept the limit for the ceiling price

Then I guess you will have to decide whether it is more important to protect yourself from a loss with the order you already have in place, or to take profit at a certain point. You can always set alerts too.

Yes, better than nothing there is the alarm but, it would be nice if Trading212 will implement the possibility to set 2 triggers together…I’m not always able to open the app and some penny stocks are so volatile that after 30 mins prices have already changed a lot

Theres a few threads already about this.

Ideally we want to see the same CFD function of Stop Loss and Take Profit implemented.

And OCO (one cancels the other)

On the desktop you have the SL and TP lines plotted and can drag and drop them about, or even set a trailing loss to follow it.

are you speaking of the investing app on desktop? To me it seem the same as the mobile app: when i open “sell” I see the same 4 options: at mkt price, limit, stop and stop limit.

No the CFD side.

20 chars

Quick example

So you click and drag the TP or SL to move them about (eg dragged the TP down a bit)

So as I’m going long here I want the red line (BID) above my position and then to hit the TP to exit with a tiny profit.

This is if you want to type instead.

Or if you want to type how much, so I want to exit with 5p profit on this trade. Willing to risk losing 18p if it turns sour whilst im looking away

I don’t actually do CFD before you have lots of Qs btw :sweat_smile:

going for 8p now, moved the TP back to the EMA

Frankly I’m not competent enough to do cfd…out of curiosity if you buy a stock with zero leverage on cfd platform is the same as I buy the same stock in investing platform?

Ah it rejected at the 20 EMA. 19p of practice money lost.

Anyway to answer each instrument has a set leverage so this pair is 1:500

So to buy 100 quantity I’ll cost me 0.2

Gold is 1:300

so 1842/300 = 6.14 US

Apple is 1:2 so I need at least half

To answer your question, the answer is a simple no. but there are workarounds to this issue.

You need to divide the instruments into two parts and place the limit order and stop loss on each part. Say, for example, you hold 20 stocks of intel and you want to simultaneously place a limit and stop order on your total holdings since it won’t allow you to do so on the same amount you will have to break it into two and set the limit order on 10 and stop-loss on the remaining 10. this is literally the best you can get. What I normally do is use the alert to monitor my setting after this.

Some other more advanced platforms like Plus 500 allow you to set a stop loss and sell limit simultaneously on one instrument but these platforms are not execution only. Trading 212 I believe is execution-only that’s the difference, but with the work-around, you won’t lose completely if the market moves against you, and with alerts, you can catch your trade if you are vigilant enough.

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:joy: so with the 19p previously down now 6p in profit. Forgot I had set this after.


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:grinning::grinning: It’s all about risk to reward ratio, some people are willing to go with 1-1 risk - reward others 2-1 etc but you have to look at the market fundamentals to decide where to place your take profit /Stop loss. If the fundamentals are hard to figure out, you go with the indicators to give you an idea of where to place your TP and SL. Every instrument has different levels of volatility which determines where to place a stop loss and take profit. I will do a write up on this later in the week, am still warning up to the forum.
Good luck