How do I set Stop Limit orders and Stop loss?

Hi, I’m new to the platform and there’s something I can’t figure out.
I’ve set Stop Limit order, but it won’t allow me to put a stop loss.

So, say the stock is currently at 10. I want to Buy in at 9.5 and sell if it reaches 9.9 but also sell if it reaches 9.3. How do I do this in one order? Or do I have to wait until the stock is bought to set a stop loss?

Basically, I want to simultaneously set a buy in, take profit and stop loss.

Hey, @Jowqui - welcome to the Community :tada:

OCO/Bracket orders are currently available only on the CFD app. When it comes to Stop Limit Orders on the Invest side, they are primarily intended to serve as a protection against market gaps.

This means that you can set two price targets. Once the stop target of the order is reached, it will activate and become pending, then execute if the set limit target price is reached.

We appreciate your feedback and will pass it onwards. Still, adding OCO orders to the Invest side is not among our immediate plans. This was also discussed in the past in the below thread :point_down: