Is it possible to stop the Trading212 website session from expiring?


When using the Trading212 website the page logs out due to inactivity. Is it possible to disable or extend the time before it logs out?



I have not really had an issue with my web session expiring I’m sure I have had it open for over an hour without getting logged out.

Something I would like to see it to be logged into Trading 212 on mobile and web at the same time. You can have multiple web windows open so I don’t see how this would be any different.


Thanks Mitch,
That’s whats causing it! I didn’t realize that logging into the mobile app logged you out of the website.

The website error only says “Your login session has expired”, it would be helpful to say that you’ve been logged out due to logging in on a mobile.



Just adding to say I’d love to be able to have a login session for web and for the app at the same time, possibly with an added way to track all active/recent sessions if this was originally done for account security, sometimes I’m on and off my PC a lot so it’d be nice to just have both sessions active at once