Technical help with web the platform

Hi bit of a technical question with regard to using the 212 platform, Does anyone know how to monitor both the Trading 212 ISA and Investing at the same time? reason being the bulk of my trading is on my ISA but because companies like NIO have been taken out of the ISA so its a pain trying to switch all the windows over. e.g I like to have multiple windows open.


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Have you tried opening in different browsers ?
(not sure if I’m getting what you’re sayin and want)

No , it logs you out if you open the other account in another tab. Would like to know if there is a workaround for this but I really don’t think there is one.

Is this potentially a feature that trading 212 can add to the functionality of the platform?

Think it was possible on safari to have multi sessions/windows. Chrome and other browser not working, believe it is on to do list.

it’s a security feature I believe, so that is the way the platform is designed rather than being a lack of functionality.

edit: not sure why you are asking me, I don’t work for T212 :slight_smile:

edit: after reading T212 comments they were working on it, been discussed before so just wait it out until we can login to both accounts at once.

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It happens.
You should try to download 2 different browsers (edge and chrome for example) and try to open one account on each.
As it has been said above, it’s probably a security feature but sometimes it’s based on cookies. So by using different browsers you might bypass security. :sunglasses:

tried but for some reason it just logs me out.
having to use a separate account just to watch it.
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Well I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any help.
Hopefully the feature you need will be implemented later on.
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