Multiple app sessions

Hi Team,

One of my biggest annoyances with Trading 212 at this point is that we aren’t allowed to have multiple sessions open at the same time. Sadly, for an avid trader, this is imperative to allow you to have your info on multiple screens. It is an absolutely invaluable weapon to have in your arsenal of trading. I’m sure other day and intraday traders would agree.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, even your trading videos have those guys set up on multiple screens. How does that work? Why can’t I seem to get it? Am I missing a trick here?

Please help or work in this feature may be?



Yes, and be able to have multiple sessions open with the CFD Account and Investing at the same time.

Just opened trading in 2 browser windows. So you can do it

I would love for it to work on both phone and desktop at the same time. It’s useful having a flick at the 1d, 1w etc stats whilst keeping the desktop open with the more detailed charts open.


how? how did you manage that mate? i just tried and can’t.

are you using pro or something?

Normal version. Opened 1 chrome windows and opened trading. And opened another chrome window and did the same.

just tried. logged me out again :triumph:

It is only with iOS that you can login with phone and desktop at the same time, on Invest and CFD simultaneously. If you are using Android then you will be logged out, as @H2T2 is finding. I discovered this some time ago and was advised that it is something @Team212 are planning to fix.

I found the thread about this:


sweet, but that still doesn’t explain why I can’t have 2 web sessions open.

I can have 2 or more Invest web sessions open in different browser tabs. But if I try to change one to CFD then the others logout.

I’m a simple man, i just need my ISAs to stay open on 2 different web sessions. anyone from @trading212 care to respond?


Is there any way to be able to view the charts on multiple screens?

e.g Able to have EUR/USD on one screen and GBP/USD etc on another. I tried opening 2 web browsers but keep getting logged out. Or the ability to have your invest account on one and cfd on the other.


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@eddieh100 moved your topic to this feature request. Currently not possible. Would love to see this too.

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someone’s getting tagged to get attention then :stuck_out_tongue: @David picking you as i’m sure George is tired of me tagging him everywhere :smiley:

Would really to have multi monitor support!

Other trading programmes seem to have this, with the lovely user interface of Trading 212, it would become significantly stronger with Multi Monitor/window support!

(Triple monitors would be amazing!)

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I understand the need to not be able to be logged in at two places at once, but is it possible we could get access to having a ISA, INVEST & CFD window open all at the same time? I trade actively within the 3 accounts and find it very annoying to not be able to have multiple windows across multiple screens open to look at all the information across all 3 accounts at once.


I would love this too and have it so all your gains are on one screen instead of having to flip from account to account.


Hi, just giving this a bump.

Would love to be able to have my ISA and Invest account open in separate web browser sessions and sepearet monitors.

Can 212 team let us know if this is being worked on please?



Would be great to know from 212 if this is a possibility down the line? please.

The situation is further hindered when you wish to use the Social aspect on the iOS app but not be logged out from the Web Platform or vice versa for lots of different tasks.


Nice suggestion! This is something that we’re already considering, however, I cannot provide any ETA.

You can be certain that we’ll notify you as soon as further details are present. :white_check_mark:

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