Best SIPP platform

Hi, I could only find threads askig for T212 to do a SIPP, but my question is what are the recommend SIPP providers people use?

I am leaning towards HL after research, only negative is (unless I am mistaken) to buy individual stocks in that would have high costs like £11.95 a trade, which obviously means I would need to buy larger amounts at once so not losing like 10% on a share buy instantly.
I understand I can buy an funds free of charge like Bailey Gifford ones etc so will probably make it mostly funds to keep costs low and do shares in my T212 ISA.

Any thoughts helpful.

Freetrade are a good shout, they have a waitlist and it’s due to drop imminently:

That looks good, however as it would be starting from low amount initially the monthly fee would be very high as its a flat fee, by my calculation you would need £26,000+ for the £120 a year to outweigh HL’s 0.45%. Obviously benefits of freetrade are fractional shares, free share buying/selling.

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Ah yeah fair enough.

Just wondering but have you thought about a stocks & shares LISA as a pension product? I have one with Nutmeg to as intended to be a house deposit but don’t mind it acting as another pension pot if I opt against purchasing a home.

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How about AJ Bell? Their platform fee is better than HL at 0.25% and funds cost £1.50 to buy and sell. They are reducing drawdown fees and transfer out fees, in case you want to switch to a Trading 212 SIPP someday.

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Vanguard SIPP is probs the best and cheapest, assuming you’re happy to be limited to their universe:


Why not wait for T212’s SIPP? They’ve announced in a thread on here that it’s coming in Q1 2021


I guess it will probably depend on the launch date and the fees…

Zero fees, just like their other accounts. 15k+ stocks also promised by then too. When compared to all other offerings, you’d only choose other brokers if you enjoy paying fees :slight_smile:

Why would it be zero fees?

For the same reason that the ISA and Invest accounts are free - because they want users and because they are funding their business via other methods (share lending, CFDs etc). Check this post, it’s a company representative confirming what I’ve just told you - Is there a possibility of a T212 pension platform (SIPP)

Yeah that’s what i read before, they never said free they said cheap.

Has there been any official communication recently from Trading212 on launching their SIPP? As I’m tempted to move my pension to freetrade than wait for too long…

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What did you go for in the end out of curiosity?

I’m in the process of moving my pensions around

I went with HL but as I said above its low amount so fees make sense and avoiding individual stocks (do those in my ISA on T212). Depending on your amount work out if fees are better elsewhere. I also wanted HL as less gimmicky than some others so wanted a big organisation with track record.

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Does it make your tax return a lot more complex having multiple SIPPs?

I think the platform would all depend on your balance, and what you are looking to invest into.

I think Fidelity’s 0.35% is fairly decent, but Interactive Investor offer a flat £9.99 a month, so could overtake as being cheaper if you have 35k or more if you’re mostly interested in mutual funds.

I have yet to find a reasonable comparison service.

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To be honest it’s not goigg be to be loads and loads. Once I’ve transferred my old workplace over it’ll probably be 10K or so and then a couple of hundred a month i the 9.99 is probably too much for my limited amount.

I’ll check out fidelity. I’m more than likely going to go vanguard to index.

Silly question but can I have several SIPPs? And does this make your tax return more complicated

You can have several SIPPs and it does not make tax return more complicated. You only have to enter on your tax return the total amount paid into SIPPs. It may, however, make things more complex when you come to withdraw someday - but you can always bring your SIPPs together in one place at that point.


Thanks Richard :ok_hand:

I’ll start with Vanguard and then decide further down the line if I wish to go into funds