Is there a way for dividends paid to go back into that one stock automatically?

I know using pies it allows for the dividend to be spread across your allocation but I just want the dividend to go back straight Into the stock that issued the dividend automatically like a DRIP.

Have I missed something or is this not available yet?

Only way to do it is to create a pie for that individual company and turn on the reinvestment.

Ok thank you, It would probably make since to make DRIP on individual stocks a new feature sometime in the near future would it not?

I think over my lifetime it’s likely I will be holding over 50 individual stocks so that would mean having over 50 pies in my portfolio. What’s currently the maximum number of pies we can move in out accounts?

Thanks for the suggestion, @Ryan we’ll consider the idea.

On a side note, the current amount of pies you can have is 50. We’re not planning to increase the limit, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Meanwhile, if you’d like your dividend payment to go to a particular stock, you can follow the steps below: