Is there a way of doing a bank transfer directly into a pie in my isa?

Just opened an isa and I want to save a seperate pie for my kids future. £200 a month.

I would like to be able to save this automatically directly from my bank account straight into a pie on a set day each month…when I go to set it up it only gives me the option of debit card which has a 0.7 fee after 2k.

Is there a way of doing a bank transfer straight into the pie?

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Short answer, no. Long answer, still no, but we need 20 characters to post anything around here :person_shrugging:

Oh well, it’s still cheaper than the fees I was paying at Hargreaves Lansdown.

I figured out I can set up a standing order, but I would have to manually move it to the pie each month. I want to set and forget for 18 years :rofl:

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No, you can’t found the pie directly from your bank account for free. Is has been promised from the last maybe 2 years and never happened. Unfortunately, Now it is a charge from using debit card… I guess is even more difficult to give the service for free.

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You can open a Junior ISA with Fidelity with no fees.

The only downside I think to that, is that you have no control over when your kids get access to the funds.

That’s why I’m using my isa. This is money we want to use in the future to help them. Driving lessons, uni, house deposit; whatever we choose.

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