ISA for new account holders


I’ve only just been able to open a T212 account today after being on the waiting list for ages Does anyone know what the wait time is for opening an ISA account for new users?..Just curious.

Many thanks.

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Welcome. I think, once you have a GIA, accepting and opening an ISA for the 2022/2023 is almost(hopefully as not done mine yet), simply a tick box exercise.

Hi Dougal

I have a GIA account but when i try to open an ISA, I get a message saying ‘‘ISA accounts are currently unavailable for new customers. We’ll let you know as soon as ISA is available again’’.

I guess i’m just wondering whether anyone knows when that might be?


@Bogi.H probably something best answered by someone at 212 rather than the community. Its a bit odd new users can open a GIA but not an ISA?

@Franky1, welcome aboard!

We are working to have it available for our new clients. I’ll keep you posted. :ok_hand:


Hi Bogi.H

Thank you for the welcome…I know you are ‘‘working to have it available’’. My question is more of time frame…A ball park will do.


No worries, @Franky1. It’s a fair question, but we cannot provide an ETA at the moment.

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