ISA for new account holders


I’ve only just been able to open a T212 account today after being on the waiting list for ages Does anyone know what the wait time is for opening an ISA account for new users?..Just curious.

Many thanks.

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Welcome. I think, once you have a GIA, accepting and opening an ISA for the 2022/2023 is almost(hopefully as not done mine yet), simply a tick box exercise.

Hi Dougal

I have a GIA account but when i try to open an ISA, I get a message saying ‘‘ISA accounts are currently unavailable for new customers. We’ll let you know as soon as ISA is available again’’.

I guess i’m just wondering whether anyone knows when that might be?


@Bogi.H probably something best answered by someone at 212 rather than the community. Its a bit odd new users can open a GIA but not an ISA?

@Franky1, welcome aboard!

We are working to have it available for our new clients. I’ll keep you posted. :ok_hand:


Hi Bogi.H

Thank you for the welcome…I know you are ‘‘working to have it available’’. My question is more of time frame…A ball park will do.


No worries, @Franky1. It’s a fair question, but we cannot provide an ETA at the moment.

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@Bogi.H Are the chances of this happening better then 40% before the new tax year, April 2023?

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I have just been allowed to open new Isa. I was allowed new gia in May. Hopefully this gives some hope to other newbies.


Amazing news!!

Did you receive an in-app notification, an email message, both or neither?

No email. However top right menu on desktop suddenly gave me option to have an isa. Still waiting for funds to arrive. Also did not have to answer any queations which surprised me. I had to fill in forms for my other isas. Hopefully it all will all be ok
It is bottom right menu on android tablet

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We confirm that ISA accounts are now available. If you are already a Trading 212 client, you can find the option to open an ISA in your account’s menu. If you’re still on the waitlist, expect an invite by the end of September.


End of September! music to my ears @Bogi.H