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The waitlist is open!

Sign up and we’ll let you know when you can open an account and start investing for free.

In regards to the referrals: the waitlist is associated with the referral link. As such, your referral will be automatically assigned to your link if he joined the waiting list through it.


Will we/our friends who sign up still be able to receive free shares when they open an account after being in the wait list?

Absolutely. We’ll notify all that joined the waitlist once the registration is available, and then after your friends can simply use your referral link as usual. It will work like a charm.

Edit: It is worth adding that even if the invite link is not used during the sign-up, both the referral and the referrer could have their free share by applying the link suffix in the promo code tab.


Please fix you servers and service first !


The new account opening was paused until we increase our capacity to serve more clients. Furthermore - huge scalability improvements are coming. In a nutshell: delivering great service to our clients is our top priority.

In the meantime, the waitlist above was introduced since we’re receiving countless inquiries about when people will be able to open an account.


2 questions:

  1. Estimated ETA on moving assets into/from T212? I got few stocks on other broker would like to got em packed in place?
  2. When Poland will be back in freeshares program? it has been there before you took it down, god knows why or for how long, as you never mentioned it anywhere… more info about that would be nice, unless u dont treat your clients from Poland seriously…

@zizka :wave:

  1. For the time being, we do not support the transfer of shares to/ from another broker. The feature is still in development. I don’t have any ETA, I’m afraid.
  2. It is not in our current plans.

Needless to say however, you can be certain that if and as soon as the above become available, you will be updated accordingly.


Lol, could you be anymore ungrateful lol. Talk about being entitled hahahah

I have sent my referal links to my friends in Germany and in UK.
Is there any timeline when new accounts are accepted? They are desperate to create accounts.
They are also not able to try Demo accounts.

Also, will the referal bonus be accepted in these scenarios?

@Tony.V Does this impact pre-waitlist practice account users who want to switch in-app to a real ISA account?


is there an update Trading212 ??

I can only repeat it, selling and buying new only makes sense for positions in the negative. Except for GSK, all of my positions are positive.

I would pay money for this service by now! Please bring this update, which is important for so many investors!

@David @Rumen @Tony.V @Team212


@Tony.V, I had already registered and waiting for ID verification. Should I also join the waitlist? Or is it only for ones who have not yet registered.

@raghavn77 No need to sign up on the waitlist then. As soon we resume the onboarding, we’ll start processing the currently pending verifications. Hence - your account will be reviewed too, and you’ll be notified further once you’re all set.

Hi Tony, I have both uploaded and emailed the required ID verification materials twice before your new account registration shut-down, which was about 2 weeks ago. However, I have not yet heard anything back. Please confirm I do not need to join the waitlist in my situation. Thank you.

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Hello can someone at T212 tell me when in specie transfer in and out of your general account will be supported. I want to be able to use platforms that give me this choice and selling my holdings to cash and then transferring is not good for me as it will trigger Capital Gains Tax events.

I think having this will also build trust for the platform as all the other major provider ssupport this.

What are the issues that are holding this back?


Seconded for all the same reasons.

Kind regards


I also would like to know.

Perhaps send a poll to the user base asking whether in-species transfers are wanted??


I’d also love to see this. Would make the T212 ISA considerably more attractive!


I’d like to know estimated timeframe for this as well. It’d be great to transfer my Investment Portfolio in to the ISA side of T212 come the start of tax year in April. Is this something T212 expects to be available by then?

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