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Need some help regarding Stocks and Shares ISA. So I have a S&S ISA with provider X for a number of years to which I haven’t contributed in the current tax year. I have opened another S&S ISA with provider A in the current financial year and contributing to it. Can I open another Stocks and Shares ISA this year with provider B and transfer all the money from provider X to B?

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Yes, you can transfer the funds from provider X to provider B, as these would be contributions from the past tax years.

@Octopus You may need to check first those providers on what type of transfer they are willing to accept

E.g - Would they allow in specie transfer or do you need to liquidate your holdings and transfer as cash to buy back your holdings. Also what are the cost implications :man_shrugging:

I would like to transfer my ISA from Fidelity International to Trading 212. I already have opened a Stocks and Shares ISA with another provider this year to which I am contributing. The Trading 212 account will be to hold my existing funds from Fidelity. Is that possible? Thanks

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that would be possible. For the time being, we only accept and complete ISA transfers in cash.

Why still no progress with in-specie?

All you need to know is summarized in this topic.

In a nutshell: no developments yet. But the feature remains on our To-Do List.