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Need some help regarding Stocks and Shares ISA. So I have a S&S ISA with provider X for a number of years to which I haven’t contributed in the current tax year. I have opened another S&S ISA with provider A in the current financial year and contributing to it. Can I open another Stocks and Shares ISA this year with provider B and transfer all the money from provider X to B?

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Yes, you can transfer the funds from provider X to provider B, as these would be contributions from the past tax years.

@Octopus You may need to check first those providers on what type of transfer they are willing to accept

E.g - Would they allow in specie transfer or do you need to liquidate your holdings and transfer as cash to buy back your holdings. Also what are the cost implications :man_shrugging:

I would like to transfer my ISA from Fidelity International to Trading 212. I already have opened a Stocks and Shares ISA with another provider this year to which I am contributing. The Trading 212 account will be to hold my existing funds from Fidelity. Is that possible? Thanks

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that would be possible. For the time being, we only accept and complete ISA transfers in cash.

Why still no progress with in-specie?

All you need to know is summarized in this topic.

In a nutshell: no developments yet. But the feature remains on our To-Do List.

Got the below mail today. Does that mean inspecie transfer is not available?

Starting 15.02.2024, you’ll be able to transfer your shares from and to other brokers, paperless and free of charge.

What is a portfolio transfer?
Portfolio transfers allow you to move your shares from broker to broker without placing any buy or sell orders.

How can I transfer a portfolio?
Just follow the step-by-step guide in the portfolio transfers section of the app. You can monitor the status of your current transfer from the portfolio transfer dashboard.

What type of transfers will be supported?
You can submit both incoming and outgoing share transfers for Invest and ISA accounts.
Invest account: only shares can be transferred.

ISA account: transfers can also include cash.

Can I transfer part of my portfolio?
Invest account:
Transfers can be both partial and full.

ISA account:
If you transfer cash and shares: incoming transfers need to be full for the current tax year but may be partial for previous years. Outgoing transfers must always be in full.

If you transfer cash: incoming and outgoing transfers need to be full for the current tax year but may be partial for previous years.

Portfolio transfers will become available next month. You can read more about the feature on our Helpcentre and join the community discussion here :rightwards_hand: Portfolio transfers.

How could it mean that?!