Transfering funds from cash ISA to Trading212ISA

Hi everyone,

I decided to put my maximum allowance in a cash ISA with my bank provider in November, but, after lots of research, changed my mind and decided that I’d be better served by transferring the money here and investing it in stock.

I’d like to do so before 6th April. The problem is, I can’t figure out how to do the transfer. The info at this link suggests that it should be possible: Can I transfer my ISA from another bank or broker to Trading 212? – Trading 212

However, my options under Trading212 ISA specifically seem to be only bank transfers. (Perhaps cash ISA from another provider is only possible on Trading212 Invest? I can’t see how that makes sense though.)

Any help/advice that you might have would be greatly appreciated.

You can do the transfer my going into portfolio transfers from within the ISA account . Have you got this option?

When you select portfolio transfer you are given the option to select a cash ISA account and then select the bank you are transferring from. You can then enter the account number and sort code.

Welcome to the Community, Irina :tada:

We’re gradually rolling out portfolio transfers, and we expect the feature to be available to everyone by the end of March. It will allow you to transfer ISA and Invest accounts from/to other providers, and it includes both cash and in-specie transfers from one ISA to another. You’ll receive a notification from us as soon as this is available for your account.

Thank you for your reply. I managed to locate the option last night indeed.

Now I need to find out if the transfer can be done before 5 April so that I can buy stocks before be new financial year starts.

Otherwise, I might as well leave the cash in the ISA account, since I’m hoping to spend a new allowance in the new year.

Do you know anyone who has done this?, and how long it took on average?

Many thanks again.