ISA Trading 212

Sorry folks new at this and wondered if I could have some help

With the shares I have bought in my ISA, if The shares go below the price I bought them for, do trading 212 take any more money out my account or start closing other positions?

Or do I only lose money when I actually sell them?

If all my positions lost money can I go into negative on my account?

As on the CDF If they go down you have to maintain your losses within the margin

Hope some one can help

The invest account holds actual shares and is not leveraged so your positions will never be closed for you unless you choose to do so yourself. your account is protected from a negative balance in both, though there is a remote possibility that market volatility lets you buy into a position that costs more than your fund balance. In this scenario, you will need to make a deposit to cover the difference to get back to a positive fund balance.