ISA Unavailable Stocks notification

After a rigorous compliance check, we’ve found 90 stocks that have been available to ISA accounts but are not ISA-compliant.

We’re required by HMRC to close all ISA account positions with these securities, as they shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Yesterday, a small number of clients holding 17 of these securities in Autoinvest were informed of this & were asked to close their positions during today’s session. We’re very sorry about the short notice but due to technical complications with pies, these positions had to be corrected quickly.

Everyone else holding either one of the 90 affected stocks will also be required to close their positions but the period will be extended to Tuesday, the 1st of September, 14:30 GMT+1. Unfortunately, we have to do this as quickly as we can. All ISA customers holding non-eligible positions will be notified by the end of day.

If a position is not closed within the specified timeframe, we’ll have to close it manually. We are not able to transfer the positions to Invest accounts (although you can of course re-invest if you want). We regret that we won’t be refunding any losses, just as we won’t seize any profits.

We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Full list of the affected securities:

  1. Amarin Corporation
  2. Anpac Biomedical Science
  3. Agora
  4. Ascendis Pharma
  5. Autohome Inc
  6. Avadel Pharmaceuticals
  7. Best Inc.
  8. Baidu
  9. Bilibili
  10. Burning Rock Biotech Ltd
  11. Banco Santander Mexico
  12. Cia De Minas Buenaventur
  13. Baozun
  14. Canaan
  15. Chunghwa Telecom Ltd
  16. Criteo SA
  17. Dada Nexus Ltd
  18. Endava Plc
  19. Douyu International Hold
  20. New Oriental Education
  21. Enel Americas
  22. Enel Chile
  23. Fanhua
  24. Foresight Autonomous
  25. Futu Holdings
  26. Greentree Hospitality Gr
  27. Gravity Co Ltdsponsored
  28. Gsx Techedu
  29. Genetron Holdings
  30. Gw Pharmaceuticals
  31. Hdfc Bank Ltd
  32. Himax Technologies
  33. Huya
  34. I-Mab
  35. Chipmos Technologies
  36. Iqiyi
  37. Jdcom
  38. Jiayin Group
  39. 9f Inc.
  40. Jinkosolar Holding Co
  41. Jumia Technologies
  42. Kitov Pharma Ltd
  43. Lizhi Inc
  44. Luckin Coffee Inc
  45. Latam Airlines Group
  46. Lexinfintech Holdings
  47. Mogu Inc
  48. Momo Inc
  49. Materialise NV
  50. Puxin Ltd
  51. Nice Ltd
  52. Nio Inc
  53. Niu Technologies
  54. Netease Inc
  55. Oneconnect Financial Techno
  56. Onesmart International
  57. Opera Ltd
  58. Orchard Therapeutics Plc
  59. Pinduoduo Inc
  60. Pintec Technology Holdings L
  61. Qudian Inc
  62. 360 Finance Inc
  63. Qiwi Plc
  64. Qutoutiao Inc
  65. Redhill Biopharma Ltd
  66. Ruhnn Holding Ltd
  67. Sea Ltd
  68. Silicon Motion Technol
  69. Sogou Inc
  70. Tal Education Group
  71. Tripcom Group Ltd
  72. Teva Pharmaceutical
  73. Talend
  74. Tencent Music Entertainment
  75. Trinity Biotech Plc
  76. Trivago NV
  77. Taiwan Semiconductor
  78. Ucloudlink Group
  79. United Microelectron
  80. Uxin Ltd
  81. Vipshop Holdings Ltd
  82. Weibo Corp
  83. Wipro Ltd
  84. Wns Holdings Ltd
  85. Wanda Sports Group Co Lt
  86. Xunlei Ltd
  87. Yunji Inc
  88. Zai Lab Ltd
  89. Zto Express Cayman Inc

This is unacceptable to be honest

If I sell my position in NIO, for example, I stand to lose half of my shares if I re-buy at the current price for the amount I would be cashing out for. Are Trading212 going to compensate me to a degree that will enable me to re-enter my position at the same volume?

What happens to people who will lose money selling their positions? Will they be compensated?


This is an enormous oversight with huge financial ramifications for many of us.

Why can’t T212 facilitate a transfer of the position from the ISA account into the Invest account? To sell off my position with such short notice and then buy back in at current price would be a huge financial loss.

How does T212 propose compensating this loss if a transfer of position can’t be made between accounts?


Well I see if one has funds in invest account to reinvest positions that have to be take from ISA, he would remain net neutral, with chance of fractional profit/loss based on spread.

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I would hope your development team will be working day and night until the deadline to find a way to transfer our positions from the ISA to Invest.

That is the only palatable resolution.


This is not a technical issue (as in the meaning of software/development)
It is a legal and fiscal issue. Your ISA held instruments which it cannot hold, so it is “broken”

There are two options your ISA will be completely voided or repaired.
If it is your(customer) fault than the ISA will be voided or “if it is the ISA managers fault (T212 in this case)” there is a chance ISA manager can repair the ISA. And trust me repairing is neither an easy nor pleasant process.

In the lamest terms repairing involves (lets take NIO for example) pretending like you never bought NIO in the first place. but the monetary value of your monies intrinsically gained or lost.
So there is not a chance to “transfer” a share from place A to B, you never held or bought that share, because if you did buy that share in your ISA, your account is voided.

This is not the first time this happened, get used to it. Mistakes happen I’ve recently post this same thing happening on Interactive Investor for SEA Ltd.

edit: original post. Notice they did not even notice the problem. I did and warned them:


Another technical nerd. I like it.
You are, of course, correct
ISA repair is what I’ve repeatedly said here

I used to love a good PEP/ISA repair… it used to make compliance officer so excited!!!

I remember the switch over but never had a PEP.

:deciduous_tree: :sauropod: :t_rex:

Yep, I’ve ran maths over Interactives ISA… mistakes everywhere… seriously, sign up to the FinKi ISA API, people… Their ISA eligibility criteria is balls… they need help too

Sums it up well. I am at a loss on a penny stock, which I was planning on holding. I know I could take the money and buy it again in Invest and it isn’t that different but it would be nice if T212 could at least cover the spread of people who wanted to do that.

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Yeah. It’s not the way I used to rectify my clients ISAs when a stock became ineligible. I think I’ve written about above :point_up_2:But there are certainly more customer friendly ways to remedy this. :man_shrugging:

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how do you figure that o_O I doubt the buy/sell spread is 50%+

Apparently knowing anything about profits/returns, average price or any investing details is old school.

The less you know the better. NIO to the moon :rocket:


If you are really going to lose half of your shares that means you made 100% profit so far, well done!
However, what matters is the value not the number.

Have any investors with holdings affected by this ISA compliance failure had any further correspondence with Trading 212 regarding this issue?

This unexpected news has created huge uncertainty for me and a significant position I hold in Nio leaving me unsure what to do…

I was told via the chat function on the app by T212 that they are working on the issue currently and there will be an update on the morning of September 1st (UK time) before the markets open in the US.

Are people closing up positions before then to try and sell at best available prices or holding and waiting for more info in the hope that the issue can be resolved?

Curios to hear how people are handling this. I am no expert on the matter but is this not a huge blunder? Not to mention serious compliance failure from a regulated entity?

My average price was under $9…

Any indication what this potential update could be?

I sold my position yesterday based on feedback from the 212 team that there was no resolution other than to close our positions in full…

Excellent. So now you sell, move money to Invest, then buy again with the same value. You only lose the spread.


Thanks Alien. I’ll be looking to do just that. I was hoping the 75m offering might have provided a nice re-entry point, but the market seems to be reacting quite well to the news. I’ll just get back on the horse.

Good luck to all.