iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF (SOXX) alternative?

Hey all. I can’t find the above T212.

Does anyone have a similarly populated alternative?


There is no semiconductors ETF available on Trading 212, @Team212?

There is no point in tagging T212 on this.

Tag your EU representative who stripped of the rights to buy these ETFs. that is if you can find who that is :slight_smile:

If you can find an ETF publishing a PRIP compliant KIID to satisfy Mifid II ask here to get that added.

It will have higher fees than US counterparts because we are privileged enough to live in EU and un-elected people make our laws for us.

@TheCoolishDad There are not many alternatives to SOXX available in EU. Although not the same thing this is one of the very few ETFs I hold. it is mostly gaming/tech companies but holds quite a few semi stocks as well (9% Nvidia, 8.8% AMD)

I also have a semiconductor pie holding these if interested:

W %
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. 20 21.05%
Nvidia 17 17.90%
Broadcom 9 9.47%
Xilinx Inc 8 8.42%
Qualcomm 8 8.42%
ASML Holding NV 6 6.32%
Lam Research 5 5.26%
KLA Corp 5 5.26%
Texas Instruments 4 4.21%
Intel 4 4.21%
Applied Materials Inc 3 3.16%
Qorvo 3 3.16%
Analog Devices Inc 3 3.16%

I ,like the OP, am interested in the alternative, I’m aware of the EU regulation. :wink: