Semiconductors ETF request

SOXL, XSD, PSI please can you add them in the platform?

Did you check to see if these had a KIID?

how do you check that?

@vittorio79 Look on the website of the ETF provider, or look af ETFs listed on the NYSE like SOXL, XSD and PSI cannot be sold to european investors. You need to find a version listed on LSE, XETRA or other european exchange.

SOXX (iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF) has only 30 holdings: Nvidia, Intel, Broadcom, etc. So perhaps you will soon be able to make a pie to nearly mimic it and save yourself the 0.34% expense ratio. A pie of jsut the top 10 or 15 holdings could do the job. You can find current weightings on the iShares product page.

I quite like the idea of making pies of top 10 companies in various sectors. Could be intersting to compare cost and peformance of SOXX against homemade pie, for instance. Bookkeeping for all the capital gains for tax might be a bit of pain, but in an ISA no problem.