Islamic ETFs in GBP

Please could you add the iShares MSCI Islamic ETFs (World, EM and USA) in GBP (£) denomination

And SP Funds Dow Jones Global Sukuk ETF


@Team212 @Tony.V can we get this please in the next batch? :blush:

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The fund is identical, no matter which curency option you choose. They will have the same ISIN number and return the same amount of value.

Hi, surely you would be exposed to dollar risk say if you bought iShares MSCI USA Islamic in dollars as opposed to in GBP?

I just checked and I don’t believe they offer the iShares MSCI EM Islamic in GBP which is what I was after

The underlying assets of the fund is still in USD even when denoted in GBX.

If you look at both of the Islamic world funds, they share the same ISIN number, as the fund is identical and both in USD, even though one of them is displayed to you in GBX.

By buying any of the funds, you are exposing yourself to the USD. Regardless if it is denoted in GBP.


Ok thanks for clarifying