Same ETF different currencies

Based on the articles I have read about same ETFs in different currencies, the currency in which ETF is traded should not have an impact on return. However when I bought the same ETF in demo account in 3 different currencies the return is different. I bought “iShares MSCI USA ESG Screened” in USD, EUR and GBP. My Trading212 currency is Czech crown.

Does anyone know what makes the difference?



I think this is because you have held the shares for only a very short time. Wait to look at the changes over a longer time. The bid for SASU may not always perfectly align with the bid for GPSA. There may be differing investor demands for these versions of the same underlying fund.

There will be small differences in returns, but not so great that you could consistently make better money choosing one rather than the other, or by swapping between them.

The fund is the same but you’ve got 3 differnt exchange rates

Dollars euros and pounds to Czech crowns.

Of you open each investment there should be a little tab that says “Fx impact” that will show you how you are + - % on the exchange there

I’ll definitely watch the result in longer period of time.

“Fx impact” makes the difference, but “Gain/Loss” is different as well.

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This is to be expected. But differences will not be great and not always the same ordering.