Islamic Fund/ETFs Fees

Hi all,

What are the Islamic Funds/ETFs available on trading 212 platform?

Would love to hear from those that invest in shariah complaint funds or ETFs on trading 212.

For those who maybe not understand: Shariah complaint stocks/funds/etfs are tradable stocks/funds/etfs that adhere to shariah investment principles. It’s very similar to ethical investing.


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I think they have “iShares MSCI World Islamic UCITS ETF”
Is this what you were looking for?

There are several of them. T212 doesn’t charge fees for them. The fund itself takes them.

When you search ‘Islamic’ in the all you’ll be able to find them.

Yes, I have found those.

But are there any more that are shariah complaint without the ‘islamic’ word attached?

Well you may look on the internet and then find them here. If not available you can request them. But only UCITS ones.

I was hoping I would find the list here :slight_smile: